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The neutral white flashlight your looking for is one of our top sellers. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

neutral white flashlight Customers Reviews

  • good light, value for money

    posted by saicheeco

    value for money, great light for this pricevery bright with 1.2V, insanely bright with 3.2v 14500 rechargeable battery (SKU: 26124)belt clip is strong, can clip on to even 4mm thickness items like a writing pad or leather cover of iPadzoom works well and good as one would expect
    I mailed DX regarding the wrong item shipped and they agreed to give 3$ store credit. I am HappyThis light has Q5 led which is far more better than those 1w weak leds.battery will drain fast, will last only 1 hr or less, so buy with modes if you need more run time on the go.
    I bought SKU: 191489 after that. it has 3 modes and is working great
  • Totally worth it

    posted by ThePoeticJester

    Easy to use and the magnet on the bottom came in pretty handy just dont trust that magnet too much its not overly strong.Other than that all three settings work well and I haven't killed the batteries yet.
    I bought it with the idea its better than nothing and it it surprisingly good.
    Buy it, it comes in really handy.
  • A decent little zooming flashlight

    posted by Aflipz

    Compact, lightweight, effective zoom. Well focused beam of light. Very useful for spotting small objects on the ground. Not very bright, being rated 80 lumens more than sku 116325 I was hoping it would be a least as bright but it's not, it's much dimmer, and the light is purple not white. (using high quality 14500 lithium cells for testing)
    I far prefer the whiter color of light produced by the otherwise identical 116325 which in my opinion is a superior product.
    This is not a bad flashlight but after trying sku 116325 there is no contest.
  • Very bright and handy torch

    posted by haraldhovde

    Bright and handy torch. You can bring it with you anywhere.The different posistions: High, low and flashing beam is easily adjustable by the knob at the end of the torch.
    The focus is not adjustable, in spite of the text staing this.I have not tested, but it seems water restistant.
    Can be recommended when you need a bright torch for camping, fishing or hunting.
  • Just buy it... Buy it

    posted by iagoscott

    A really good price, easy to make into a working torch or a laser with the correct parts. All threads were nice and smooth. the cap button works really great and easy to use. Lightweight and hard case.
    Just buy it... Buy it..
    Re-use of older ledmodules and usefull gifts for small costs.Great value for money, for anyone just wanting an empty body for modding. Using mine as an IR illuminator. But really need to know how to remove the lens. I will probably buy another one of these.

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