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  • great product, does what is says, accessible with

    posted by duivert

    great product, does what is says, ip camera accessible with all browsers
    they should make them with the analog video output again, would be great to implement it in to complex video surveillance situations
    good quality product, should have a analog video out to accoring to description, to bad its not on there
  • a MUST buy

    posted by electronicas

    -the tape the three come sticked together with can be removed without leaving any annoying residues on the tools-tool works good for punching the cables in those little sockets-tool works good for removing insulation of network cable and tv coax cable
    the plastic piece which holds the blade in place falls of quite easily, maybe you want to melt it on so it stays in lace better. or glue it.
    its a must buy. if you ever work with those network cables od coax cables, just buy it. trust me you NEED it
  • The most compact cutter (U can put in your pocket)

    posted by donmiguel

    1. Very compact and simply.
    I like simply things. they are easy to repair and hard to break.

    2. It's very useful for cutting 5E cables.
    3. Hard to harm your hands
    Well... maybe a cheap case coul be useful.
    You can't go wrong with such price 8)
  • Very handy tester

    posted by geirlk

    - Simple and all in one- Network wiring tester. Shows whether your pin out is correct. Can be used with both RJ11 and RJ45 plugs.- Induction tester, with cables for RJ45, RJ11 and two crocodile connectors. Also includes a simple mono ear piece
    It could've been built a bit sturdier and with a different placement of power button, or had it sunk in a bit.
    The best induction tester I've found in it's price range, and for that money you get a "free" wire tester.
  • Good camera for good money

    posted by FreeUsername

    Solid build, weather resistant, works as expected. Has WiFi which is a must, because you don`t want to have cables all over the place :) Night Vision works well, motion detection is adjustable from 1 to 10. I think 1 is easy trigger, while 10 needs really much movement.
    I recommed shipping via EMS because the first i ordered arrived dead and had to send it back do DX for a replacement. The second arrived well, allthou there is a rattle inside it. And i don`t think that this is a Kinder Surprise rattle. Might be a plastic piece, judging from the sound, so i`m confident about the function.
    I want to plant them all over my place, since they are motion triggered (if you want) and the internal program can manage up to 9 of those in one convenient window.
    The camera has a lot of options, like sending email in case of trigger etc etc... can`t list them all, too many :)


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