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network usb ethernet Customers Reviews

  • perfect works great

    posted by xpaum

    very cheap, easy product just plug and play beacuse its usb, pc detect it like an linksys usb ethernet adaptor. it works fine on linux (or android you need and extra usb to connect it), windows and mac.
    very cheap product that allows you to add and ethernet network by usb or use it in a computer without ethernet.
    i am very happy with this product, is cheap, works great. All fine as i expected it.
  • Nice item but no OS X support

    posted by Moto7451

    Works with Windows, Linux, but not OS X. Does what it's supposed to. 10baseT is good enough for internet access and troubleshooting bad NICs and other network problems
    I've been tempted to write one but I'd need help from someone with experience in OS X kernel extension drivers. The source code for the linux drivers is available on the Davicom website and several other open source USB OS X ethernet card drivers exist so someone else could potentially write one nudge nudge hint hint.
    Good product, just was hoping for OS X support.
  • Works, but...

    posted by GabHUN

    Works with PC (Windows 7 x64) after installing driver.
    I bought it for my android dongle, but had no luck with it. Waste of money for me...
    - -
  • Good for me

    posted by MrDotSneezy

    I took a risk and bought the server to use with an unsupported printer. The risk paid off nicely as it indeed works with my Samsung CLP-300 laser printer just fine. I tried to be clever and configure the device myself, but after 30 minutes I just tried the supplied CD driver. That worked great. I have five computers on a WiFi network, and it works with all fine. Driver (actually an configuration wizard) needs to be run on each networked PC. I have Windows 7, XP SP3, Vista 64bit machines, all print fine.
    I used a 5V converter (sku 15149) to power the server instead of the 240V power pack. I took 12V source from inside my WiFi router to power the converter. Reduces my wall wart mess a bit.
    Works on my 'unsupported' printer fine.Very slick installation software, not a bit Chinese looking.Would recommend to my mates...
  • Works right out of the box!

    posted by leem12000

    Bought this to connect up to my Rikomagic MK802iii Android stick. Turned on the ethernet switch under settings and off to the races! I get about 6-7Mbps directly connected to my GigE network. Oh well, better than the wifi connection on the Rikomagic which is quite lousy
    It's not free?!!? Just kidding. Hopefully it will work well for a long time.
    Buy it if you need it


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