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  • Network and Telephone Cable Crimping Tool

    posted by vermiculite

    I have only used it for telephone cable so far and it worked well. I haven't used any other crimpers so I have nothing to compare it to.
    I am using the tool with SKU 25812 (RJ14 6P4C 4-Pin Telephone Connector)
    Happy with the purchase. Works well and cheaper than many others I have seen.
  • Excellent tool for the price

    posted by pandurv

    Good and robust machanism. The spring and red plastic protect hand from very sharp blade.
    If you intend to use it rarely or frequently, but not as professional tool, this is excellent choice.I was expecting to find it a little bit on the low quality side, but I was surprisingly happy to find that I was wrong - very good build quality!
    This is excellent tool for amateurs and even more advanced technicians. It is exactly what it claims to be. It's cheap, and works as intended.
  • Simply fantastic tool. must have it

    posted by Inokez

    -> It does the job -> Good build -> It is small and lightweight so you can carry everywhere and won't take much room in your tool case or tool box. -> It really does the job -> Blade came sharp enough for stripping -> It works -> Can yous on 5 different gauge cables -> Fast, one lap and the wire is ready to go -> Easy to use
    -> Use it right and with one lab the job is done and the cable is ready to go. won't cut the wires within
    Definitely and with no doubt a must have in your wiring/networking tool case/box.It is cheap, buy some.
  • Great product, great price

    posted by jojpaul

    These are exactly what you would find in store. Same quality at a much lower cost. The place I used to get them from charged $5.00 for 1! Easy to use. Speeds up stripping many gauges of wire. Clean cuts give a professional look to your work
    I ordered a pack just to make sure they were okay. They were so the next order I made was a bulk order. Different colours would be cool.
    If you strip a lot of wires then these make the job easier and gives a clean cut. Don't spin it too many times or there is a chance of nicking the wires.
  • Nice product

    posted by silveraignacio

    A great item! It has all you need to create a complete network in everywhere. You have all, tester for the wires (rj45 or rj11), the clip for the network cables, and other tools that are very usefull
    Maybe it will come with a instruction manual for each tool, because some tools are weird and is not easy to know which is the correct use of that
    Finally, a good option for people who is starting and useful for works. I recommend it

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