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network crimping Customers Reviews

  • does what it's supposed to do, and does it well

    posted by yariz

    very sturdy build, includes cable cutter which is very handy.
    I was surprised at how easy to use it is :)
    I have already crimped two rj45 cables for my home theater computer and they are functioning without a problem.
    i would love to get my hands on a coaxial (aerial) antenna crimpper but i can't seem to find anything on dealextreme...
    if you want to make your own network cables, definitely buy it and a 20 pack of connectors (and a cable of course) :),
  • Great value

    posted by kedimk

    -Excellent value -Crimps 4P4C modular plugs as well as 6P6C and 8P8C (most I've dealt with don't) It's way cheaper than you will find anywhere else, completely solid build quality. It works as advertised. It works
    Good mechanism. Easy to use. If you want to do somethign for yourseft or friends/relatives, you can order it without overthinking.
    It's your choice if you just want to use it for home needs
  • Original AMP plugs for UTP cables

    posted by Thklinge

    - Original AMP-plugs, high quality
    - Excellent pricepoint
    These are genuine AMP plugs for Unshielded Twisted Pair cable. You can jam STP cables in them but it's a hassle and not recommended. Have used a few and so far all cables that I've made, some up to 40 meters in length, have worked properly and not registered any faults when tested.
    AMP plugs, what's not to love? Great price and a high quality product.
  • Great tool, worth the price

    posted by antoniogafe

    Less than half the price than in a hardware shop, with excellent build quality.
    For DIY fans, this is a must-have tool. Do not hesitate to pickcup one. You never know when you will need it and then it tis too late to wait for it to arrive from HK.Do not forget to purchase the connectors. You have 50 pcs bags, enough for a long time average user.
    Excellent qualiity-price ratio. Useful and necessary tool.
  • Heavy

    posted by WipeOutHT

    I was surprised by the weight of this one, where I was expecting a lighweight thing that would break after 20 crimps, this feels like it will oulast me!
    Sturdy, strong and does as promised
    All metal, some plastic where it's allowed, fits the connectors nice!
    You can keep it locked so it doesn't take up too much space in your toolbox.
    If you need one, be it for professionel use or amateur, very good build quality for it's price :D


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