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network cable white Customers Reviews

  • Great LAN cable

    posted by tinymouse

    Works like a normal "phat" LAN cable but takes less space because of its flat design. It looks really great next to the wall.
    I haven't bought a LAN cable in ages because I've been using WiFi, but my current modem is so crappy that I decided to buy a cable to stay wired while I'm at home. I really like the flat design compared to the old-fashioned cables. Of course there is no problem whatsoever with the speed.
    A very cheap LAN cable with a great design. Just make sure it's long enough for your needs.
  • So Thin!

    posted by dunker

    It's so incredibly thin!It's cheaper than ordinary network cable in SwedenIt's cat 6It works in full speed'sIt feels durable
    I bought it to hide it behind my skirting board..My thought was that a regular cable would not fit behind it.. so I bought this..When it arrived I was making my self ready to start taking down my skirting boards.. and realized that the cable was thin enough to just be slipped under it.. 1-2 hours of work was done in 5-10 minutes because of that
    It made me so happy..Life is good againBuy it
  • Simple but good

    posted by [email protected]

    In my previous review i had written that i only had a low network througput. But that was because ther still a 10 kb switch in my network.After removing this switch the network throughput was ok for me.Gigabytes speed works ok.The build quality of this product is good.
    Now i don't need switches anaymore in my house for my computer placed at the top floor of my house.
    Next time i buy this product again
  • Network tool

    posted by rishan

    Compact design, good tool to connect cable on network and phone sockets. hook useful to remove cable if wrongly punched . good quality of material, solid plastic and stainless steel blade. very useful . . . . . . . :) :)
    Good quality for the price, Go for it, a tool is never too much. useful for your homemade installations or your work. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Good tool

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