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network cable cat

You can easily find the latest low priced network cable cat offered at our online shop. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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network cable cat Customers Reviews

  • Perfect for connect PC to Router

    posted by pocheblaz

    Ease of use and Usefulness very good. Price also correct.
    No other thoughts.
    I have two computers in my house (in the same room) and i just had a cable for connect my PC to my router, so I decided to buy another cable for connecting the other PC to the router. I saw this cable on dx.com and I chose it. Because of my two computers are very near each other, and the router in the middle of them, the 1m cable was enough for me.Very useful for connect PC to Router and this way having Internet connection.The length appears to be short, but with one meter is enough unless you have the PC and the router very separate. The blue color is also a very good idea to see it trough the other cables.
  • Good cable!

    posted by JuiceNL

    This is a pretty good cable, I use it to connect my laptop when I'm in the garden. That way I don't have to use any wireless, which I'm sensitive to. Length is really ok.
    It would be nice if they were available in other colors, preferably black, though it's not really a problem. It would be nice also if it hadn't any printing on it.
    Good cable, works fine :-) Buy one if you need it.
  • Useful small

    posted by thatdeadguy

    Travels well in laptop case. Good to have when you need it .
    500! I don't have that much to say. I don't type 500 characters most days. I love deal extreme just wish they didn't want 500 characters for a review. I also use deal extreme for sending gifts to my son who is overseas, free shipping rocks!
    Get one if you think you will be in a place without wifi - inexpensive backup
  • Great Ethernet cable

    posted by jamesnz

    High quality and thin (really thin!) Ethernet cable that functions as marketed. Good quality build with moulded RJ45 connectors with solid tags for 'clicking' into the Ethernet jacks. Excellent length and unobtrusive cable.Good price for a 30 Metre cable.
    I used this cable to extend a wireless access point from a DSL modem to the other end of the house. I couldn't hide the connection so had to follow the contours of the walls. With this cable being so thin, I was able to install along the skirting of the walls and minimise people seeing the cable. Very happy with the quality. Operates at 100Mbps without fault.
    If you need to extend an Ethernet connection and need a thin cable to make the link unobtrusive then this is the cable to use.
  • Cheap, Simple and Useful

    posted by filicuco

    * Simple to use (one end to your computer the other one to the socket/hub/router/etc)
    * Cheap: cheaper than sku.23871, which I also own, without compromising quality.
    * Retractable: won't clutter your bag while travelling
    Bought 5, all 5 working properly.
    I'll give some away to friends.
    If you travel a lot it's a must have, will give you ethernet connectivity without the clutter of a normal cable.
    Buy a some as presents for your friends/colleagues


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