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netbook android 4.0

Buy quality netbook android 4.0 at our online store at low prices. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. android 4.0 3g, gsm android 4.0 may be more suitable for you. With your support, we can do better.
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netbook android 4.0 Customers Reviews

  • imos wm8850-mid7"

    posted by blackstag1

    yay it works well and is bright and crisp display does all it says webcam is great for skype,and its pretty fast too,the price is fantastic its better than i thought,the first one i got i gave to my mother as a gift and it surprised me how well it works lots of app room etc great on internet,so i brought another one for a friend and now im about to buy another one for my sister,because they work so well and can be carried and store easy
    great little net book and great opperating system love the speed of android jellybean4,and its very lightweight to carry a real bonus !stylish looking and very funky netbook,so im very happy with the two i have already purchased for gifts i have no hesitation in telling people to buy this little netbook because they are better than i thought
    im about to buy a third one for another gift for my sister well worth the small amount you pay and it gets you online fast and wifi is real great and works fine as can be no problems with the two i already purchased and thats why when my sister wanted a device for internet i said ill buy you one lol great little compact unit and packaged well thanks dx,again you never let me down really great product here so buy one or more ,cheap so i dont mind buying for gifts
  • Cool little netbook

    posted by warmotor

    Cheaper than a smartphone.Came with Jelly Bean installed.Pinker than most other things.Powerful enough to be useful.
    I've played with other chinese single-core ARM devices and usually they are so slow that using them becomes a chore. This is a single core ARM8 at 1.5 Ghz and it's surprisingly zippy and plays 3D games just fine. We'll see how well it holds up after a few weeks of my daughter using it.
    This replaces an Acer netbook that ran Windows7, cost three times as much and was so dog slow that it was basically useless, then it broke. Android is so lightweight, it's ideal for duty on a netbook. At this price I might buy two more.

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