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neodymium magnet spheres

This is our best neodymium magnet spheres, they all share a great design and great prices. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

neodymium magnet spheres Customers Reviews

  • Not happy

    posted by codreanulaura15

    Hmm, maybe the power of the magnetic balls is the only pro.
    The balls are that small, the children will be able to eat them very quickly. I don't recomend this item for children.
    I think this product is just for fun. No usefullness. They stay on my fridge. Nothing more to do with them.
  • Very nice toy

    posted by petermn11

    Brightly colored spheres - and the painting is good, it won't get off. Standard diameter, so they can easily be mixed with other Neocube sets with the same diameter.
    Sometimes 1 set of 216 spheres is not enough for your creations, buy 2-3 of them and enjoy big complex magnetic things.
    A very good toy, that gives you understanding of how magnets work and lots of pleasure. "Usefulness" for a toy? Very funny.Note: this particular set I received today, but I already have 2 more sets, so I believe I'm a sort of expert with them.
  • Something to play with if you're bored

    posted by prototypegin

    The magnet spheres are fun to play with when fighting boredom. There are also many possible ways to play with the magnets.
    It could be better to buy the bigger magnets because these are the size of bb gun ammunition maybe even smaller.
    Overall this product was great to play with and it could use minor tweaks.
  • Really funny to play with...

    posted by DaHanz

    As always...
    To summarize the positiv things about this product:
    - very strong
    - good build quality (some people wrote that their magnets loose their color, but mine did not!)
    I can't imagine any "useful" application except for playing around with them, but I think that's exactly the reason they are made for ;-)
    So -> get some of them!
  • curious

    posted by agamendesg

    The magnetic force is really strong, sometimes hard to separate them. You can make many shapes and designs with this toy, it's beautiful, and gives to make decorations for the house. Children are very curious about the magnetic forces, perfect to teach them about it.
    A força magnetica é realmente muito forte, as vezes dificil de separa-las. Pode-se fazer muitas formas e desenhos com este brinquedo, é bonito, e dá pra fazer enfeites para casa. crianças ficam muito curiosas com as forças magneticas, ideal para ensina-las a respeito disso.
    CAUTION, can only be handled by more than 4 years old.
    read more below.
    CUIDADO, pode ser manuseado apenas por maiores de 4 anos de idade.
    leia mais abaixo.
    is a curiosity for all ages.
    (CAUTION with children under 3 years, the balls can be swallowed and cause welding of the intestinestaking to death.
    some children have died from swallowing magnets neodymium) CAUTION, the DX does not put any warnings about this danger, not the site or the product, perhaps because there is no law requiring it to do in China
    é uma curiosidade para todas as idades.
    (CUIDADO com crianças menores de 3 anos, as esferas podem ser engolidas e causar colamento dos intestinos, levando a morte.
    algumas crianças já morreram por engolir imâs neodimio) CUIDADO, o DX não coloca quaisquer avisos sobre este perigo, nem no site nem no produto, talvez porque não existe lei que obrigue a fazer isso na china

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