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necklace alloy Customers Reviews

  • A Little Cute Big Zebra

    posted by Masters85

    It's a really cute and nice pending of Zebra style and had a good chain.The alloy material it is a good look.
    You can fix the chain really easy you just cut black chain if not like it and you can fold the chain in half.
    If you like the big pendent, this is the best for you.
  • Very cool and a good price

    posted by bword

    The thong is real leather and the charms are all metal, so this was a bargain. The thong is nice and strong and fully adjustable.The hacksaw charm is a generous 2 and a half inches long (roughly).All the connecting rings seem sturdy.You can't really go wrong for this price if you like this sort of jewellery.
    I like it a lot! The colours go well together. I think I may get more necklaces styled in a similar way.
    Great value and pretty good quality.
  • Great Look

    posted by S3LL3R5

    - Looks great.- Real leather.- Heavy charms, good quality.- Nice bronze look for each of the charms.- Nice contrast between the charms and dark leathers necklace band.
    - Makes a great gift for a child or other close family member.- I bought the small Eiffel tower along with this and it created a great bundle.
    - I would recommend this to anyone with a family member who desires to travel to Paris, France or anywhere near there.
  • beautful butterfly

    posted by marcelopatriota

    A beautiful piece to give special people, she is very well built, has very bright and appears to be silver, price is easy to say that is not silver but getting your hands and seeing how beautiful she is not think of the as it was cheap ..she is very tough and apparently will not break easily, hopefully with time she did not miss the beauty.
    without even having to give whoever I usually always include a type of Jehoiada dx, because whenever it comes time to give somebody a presentinhopra you like it ... I'll even do a little stock to special occasions.
  • Nice necklace

    posted by theophania

    -Nothing looks loose or like it's going to fall off/apart.
    -The clasp is decent, it's one of those circles with the tab.
    -The pendant on mine was attached to a teardrop shaped ring which was closed looks more sturdy than the ring show on DX's page. (Those rings usually have an opening created from where the ring overlaps and if the pendant moves around too much it can sometimes fall off.)
    -The pendant itself is about 2 by 1.5 centimeters.
    -The chain is around 35 centimeters (16 inches).
    -The back has a bunch of little dots on it, but no one can see them so it's ok.
    It looks nice and it's cheap.

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