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neck strap Customers Reviews

  • Nice original head strap for those, who want to differ

    posted by Visionaire

    - nice execution quality- the ethnic weaving is very pretty and uses natual threads- will work well for those, who want to conceal what camera they are using- will work nicely for those, who love ethnic patterns
    It's a little longer, than the original neckstraps, but adjustable, so it will not cause any inconvenience
    A really nice alternative neck strap for its price? good quality and excellent appearance
  • Very good and useful

    posted by j.leandrooliveira

    Very good product, need, met my expectations, comes with batteries included. very easy to use. has several types of measurement (kg, lb, etc), hook to hold objects weighing on time.
    can buy without fear.Did not used to change the defective battery, I chose to buy a new
    recommended for easy use and I repeat once again, low price, excellent cost vs. benefit. express shipping
  • does the job

    posted by sporotrix

    Better feeling than the original Canon strap. The orginal has a border that start to bother after some time using. This one is soft so it does not happen. It does not yell to the world your canon camera model
    For some people, the lack of a Canon logo is a downside...
    If you don´t like the feel of the original Canon strap, this one is much better.
  • High quality sling/strap

    posted by RicardoConsonni

    - Very cheap, for the quality of what you get- This sling is very well-built, made with high quality materials, and seems to be very durable. The shoulder part is made of 6mm neoprene, and the inside is rubberized, so it won't slip. The strap is about 1.2m long, and it's adjustable. It is made of a soft and lean nylon, that lets the hook slide smoothly.- Very low key, doesn't draw attention and puts the camera beside your hip, a place thieves usually don't look.
    - It takes some time to optimally adjust it - at first you will think your camera is too high, then too low. You have to walk around a bit to get used to it, and placing your camera so that it won't dangle about as you walk. I found that the best way to place the camera is with the lens facing backwards, and almost at your back - it is a stable position, and it will stay there when you walk.- Some people are afraid the slider/hook is not strong enough to withstand heavier cameras. One easy way of implementing a failsafe measure is to attach a keyring (or even a lanyard) around the slider and the hook.
    This is a fantastic and cheap gadget to take the weight off your shoulders, and to enable you to have your camera with larger lenses always handy and ready to shoot. This is a must have!
  • yeah right

    posted by SrPessoa

    Nice build quality.
    Easy to clean.
    Better than I expected. In mine the accuracy error is of less than 1%.
    It got easier to control the amount of the dog's food after that
    Good scale. Not so big, can easily shop with it and use in a day-to-day measurement tool in the kitchen.


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