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neck strap Customers Reviews

  • does the job

    posted by sporotrix

    Better feeling than the original Canon strap. The orginal has a border that start to bother after some time using. This one is soft so it does not happen. It does not yell to the world your canon camera model
    For some people, the lack of a Canon logo is a downside...
    If you don´t like the feel of the original Canon strap, this one is much better.
  • Handy weight measuring tool

    posted by int0x80

    This hook scale is capable of weighting 0...20 kg load (yes, it's 20 kg max) with incredible accuracy of 0.05%
    If you need to measure weight larger than 20 kg, look at SKU 35407.
    Otherwise buy this item - you won't regret.
  • wonderful scale for luggage

    posted by geegio

    - it's very cheap- it's easy to use- it isnt bulky- it comes with battery- its scale is pretty accurate
    this product is very usefull. With the new low cost airlines company you can easily check you luggage weight! so you have not to deal with extra luggage issues! You've just to insert the battery and the scale do the job! Great product!
    This scale works very well and it is very accurate! If you're a frequent traveller you must be buy this item!
  • Cool

    posted by VikingInShorts

    Good quality, shorter then the original strap on my Canon EOS 60D which always tended to hang too low on my gut.
    It is a fun way to stand out and make a statement with your photografic gear.
    Great product. Fun, different and functional. Due to the material it feels more appropriate to use during summer then during winter. It feels good against your skin, unlike the rubbery material on the original strap.
  • Tteoobl CG-318

    posted by ashfaqk

    It is very light, took a picture with it and the image is very clear. The camera slides in very easily. The mechanism to lock and unlock is very effective as water does not go inside.
    Great article specially if you have a point and shoot camera and do not plan to do a lot of underwater photography and just want to use your camera to take some pictures underwater without buying an actual waterproof camera.
    It is merely 12 bucks and you are having a waterproofed camera compared to some 120 bucks for an actual waterproof camera. It is really worth it.

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