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You can easily find the latest low priced nds screen offered at our online shop. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Your support is our greatest motivation.

nds screen Customers Reviews

  • Replacement Top Screen

    posted by Daveychan

    Good price and nice fit. Parts seem to be well made and the scratch resistant sticker for the shipment on the screen was a nice touch.
    A good replacement for those who have the expertise to solder and work with the innards of the NDS. Don't forget about the speakers that you will have to re-solder onto your new screen!
  • Perfectly working replacement bottom screen

    posted by Hilight1965

    I can't say if the screen is original, but it looks perfectly identical to the original one and it works as well as the original one; the build quality is very good and it fits perfectly inside my NDS Lite.
    Replacing the screen was easier than I thought, but anyway it's not a job for everyone. You can find many tutorial videos on Youtube (search: 'How to repair a Nintendo DS Lite NDSL Bottom Screen'). Remember you need a tri-wing screwdriver (also available at DX). Remember to place electrical tape on the back of the screen. Keep in mind that this item is only the lower screen: if you also need the touch surface, you have to buy it separately (also available at DX)
    If you NDS lower screen is broken, thisi is the perfect solution!
  • Great Micro Fiber Cloth for Price

    posted by homerguy

    High quality micro fiber clothDecent size in ratio to phones and other mobile devicesSturdy QualityGets all of the smudges out of screens and other surfacesGood for use on glasses as well, prefer it over the silk cloths
    Will be buying a couple more, never can get enough. Would be nice if there are other colors offered, maybe I have not looked on the site enough, not really an issue.
    Well worth the price, high quality material, cleans perfectly
  • No strong "click", otherwise great

    posted by XDr4g0nX

    -Cheap fix/replacement for one of the most common problems with a old Nintendo DS system-They come in a set, so you can't mis-order them
    Nice and cheap fix/replacement for your old broken Nintendo DS hinges, but do lubricate them in advance.Also the hinges do not "click" into their positions as strongly as the original hinges, so you have to be a little bit more carefull with them.
    Buy these hinges if you don't have 2 left hands and can handle a screwdriver and gently sit down for this it.
  • Replacement screen for DSL (lower screen)

    posted by rustyclaymore

    - Low price
    - No dead pixels
    - comes protected with plastic over the screen
    To replace the screen, please refer to one of the many tutorials found on youtube. I'm a novice at electrical stuff and have no problems replacing it on my own. But the thing to note is that the components are small, and those with big hands may have a problem.
    Cheap inexpensive way to prolong the life of my ds lite.

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