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nds replacement housing

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nds replacement housing Customers Reviews

  • Decent replacement housing

    posted by chiseen

    Very close to the real thing. The plastics are of good quality and appear to fit together well. The power/wifi lens are included as well as the lower lcd frame. All switches, buttons and rubber pads are provided.
    No instructions, but I wasn't expecting them anyway. The screws provided are of the criss-cross type (not triwing) but you need a triwing screwdriver to disassemble the DS.
    Decent housing at a good price.
  • Excellent

    posted by cuattrin

    Good material, exactly with the original Nintendo housing case. The color is very good. All the parts are in the package. The shipment was very quickly and was free. Dealextreme is a good option.
    Very good.
    No more questions.
  • Nice casing, a lot of parts

    posted by Reddog33

    1. The casing is acomplied with enough replacement screws, items and metals.2. Contains a replacement screencover to change te colors.3. Replacement screws are normal screws.
    Whatch out when changing the screen. The sticker that is added will stick once and tight. If you place the sticker at an angel, it's stuck for good.Get a trigram scewdriver to open your ds.
    I bought this case as a replacement because my old case broke. It worked for that.
  • Good but tough

    posted by marknsteph

    This is a pretty decent quality case for the money, mine came with the LCD surround and even came with screws, all the little plastic pieces. and even a pink stylus.
    If you get it all together like I did and it powers up and then back off check the ribbon from the top to the bottom. the knocks should fully seat against the connectors. It can be tough to get it together. If it doesn't power on the the power button switch isn't smooth then you have the plastic switch part is upside down.
    Totally worth it and my wife is very happy with her pink DS
  • First case I have replaced

    posted by Grubar

    I bought 2 ds cases as both mine had cracks in the hinges. I bought this one for my son. and this one for my daughter http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.13335
    I found that this one didn't seem to have all the extras her case did. Not all the rubber parts had adhesive and I had to use crazy glue to hold them in place. It was also missing the select button or start whatever, I had to use a white one from the old case, not a huge deal but annoying none the less.
    I wish that who ever had put the item together had spent 5 more seconds and made sure all the parts are there. Also comparing it to the case I bought for my daughter it had all the extra's, hers had the adhesive for the screen ( black stuff on top screen to replace ) hers had all the parts, all the rubber screw covers had adhesive to attach them. Hers just felt more refined.
    While this one worked and the DS is updated it looks great minus the white start button.

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