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nds parts Customers Reviews

  • DS Lite hinge problems?

    posted by xavdeman

    -Feels sturdier than the default DS Lite hinge.-Buy with sku.7276 and you can fix all hinge-related problems.
    -I only used the hinge, there is an O-Ring included (also called the axis, I believe), that I did not use. The O-Ring in the DS Lite is completely round while the one from this set has an opening, I don't know how this affects the working of the DS Lite but DX must have had a good reason for this.-I never opened my DS Lite before and with this and the replacement housing from sku.7276 I fixed a broken hinge and housing crack within 15 minutes with a Youtube video tutorial.-Don't forget to seperate O-Ring and hinge before installation else hinge will not fit.
    EXCELLENT PRODUCT for the GOOD price. Buy if you want to fix your hinge for DS Lite. Fits perfectly.
  • A must have

    posted by Simiont

    If you need to replace the lower screen and/or touchscreen frame of an NDSL, this cheap but good quality part will improve the results of NDSL case replacement or repair - the old frame will not stick well if reused.
    Don't fix your NDSL' lower screen without fitting a new, color-matching, touchscreen frame. Or you might want an extra spare, in fact.
    Good price for a useful piece. Works great. Fits perfectly in the NDSL. Even after three repairs, my NDSL looks like new, thanks to a fresh new frame.
  • Great replacement!

    posted by DrSaturn

    - Price: these are inexpensive, making a broken NDS work again in as little as fifteen minutes (and some good soldering skills).
    - Quality: These are tough and durable, lasting as long as the stock ones included on the consoles themselves
    It's recommended that you sharpen up your soldering skills before you attempt to replace these. While not as complicated as some other repair jobs, this does require you know how to solder properly and that you have the dexterity to solder small pads.
    Also you'll need the necessary screwdrivers for taking apart an NDS. Check sku.02905
    Great for repairs. Would suggest getting several on them for fixups.
  • No strong "click", otherwise great

    posted by XDr4g0nX

    -Cheap fix/replacement for one of the most common problems with a old Nintendo DS system-They come in a set, so you can't mis-order them
    Nice and cheap fix/replacement for your old broken Nintendo DS hinges, but do lubricate them in advance.Also the hinges do not "click" into their positions as strongly as the original hinges, so you have to be a little bit more carefull with them.
    Buy these hinges if you don't have 2 left hands and can handle a screwdriver and gently sit down for this it.
  • Not so cheap as used to, but great quality

    posted by Sparkster84

    The quality is great. These are solid and very well assembled buttons. I soldered them to a motherboard to turn it on and off without a box, and they work really fine. Even their "click" sound works as it is supposed to, and it has been like that for months, so they doesn't seem as they are going to spoil soon.
    Nothing special, just buttons, plug and play.
    Great quality buttons, even compared with quality-brand hardware. Solid, tight and properly working.

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