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  • Fix your broken DSLite switch

    posted by Squirrel61

    - Full replacement for the original switch.
    - Has the same dimensions and works the same way.
    - Way cheaper than replacing your DS or motherboard.
    Usually, the switch breaks when you try to put together your previously opened DS case, leaving you with an unusable game. This switch replaces the broken one and makes your DS work again.
  • Really Nice Product, soldering skills essential!

    posted by GambelBarney

    -Very nice build quality, almost like the original ones. -Works very well.-Cheap solution to fix your NDSlite if it doesn't read game cards any more
    As I said above, the installation is a bit tricky. The simplest way to remove the old slot is to pinch off the tiny pins at the back side. Then unsolder the 4 ground pins with solder wick. If you have removed the old slot, you can easy unsolder the tiny pins at the back side now.The installation of the new slot is easy. There are plastic pins, who keep it in place. Simple solder the new slot in.Now you can assemble your NDSlite again.It should work flawless.
    It's a great deal, if the slot1 of your NDSlite is damaged and doesn't read any game cards any more.I really recommend it.Buy! Buy! Buy!
  • Real quality hinge

    posted by JCoto

    ch better than Nintendo's ones. If someone has a NDS Lite, will understand.This hingue comes lubried and in full functionality. It is a bit tighter than Nintendo's one, so sure you won't be getting your NDSLite shell broken again with this.It is a perfect replacement piece, i've bought more just in case. NDS's are done for hinges, and also down because of them.
    High quality, much more than I expected. Much better than nintendo's NDS internal ones (whites)
    If you have a NDS broken from the hinge, you must be getting this right now apart from the shell
  • epair Parts Replacement Game Cart Slot for NDS/NDS

    posted by GMenezes

    - Really cheap piece- It works- thats it
    If you have soldering skills, you may try to do it yourself, so watch some videos or tutorials to make sure you do the right thing. If you don't have, don't bother trying, just go to someone who can do it for you
    If you really need to replace your cart slot, buy it, if you have a workaround, choose it instead of buying
  • touchscreen digitizer

    posted by restless81

    A very good replacement part for a very reasonable price. For less than €2 the DSL was working perfectly again with touch.
    a good product for a good price. If you have troubles with the touchscreen of your DSL and you know what you are doing, this is the product you need. I order 5 new ones to repair 2 other DSL's.


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