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  • Must have soldering experience

    posted by Kayvon

    These are perfect replacements for DS consoles that have broken or defective L/R buttons. There is very little noticeable different between these and the original DS button once everything is reassembled. Many DS (dis)assembly videos are available on the internet to guide you through the process.
    Some previous soldering experience is a must.
    If you have some decent soldering skills, these are a perfect replacement for damaged or broken DS L/R buttons.
  • slot 1 replace

    posted by eddieluu

    it is cheap way to replace the slot 1 it it broken, pin bent or cant read ds game anymore
    it work when install
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    when buy make sure to have good soldering skill and all so make sure you have a triwing screwdriver to open p the ds
  • Works great!

    posted by mrmursu

    Fits perfectly.
    Doesn't make any sound when you open your DS Lite.
    It's very annoying to install this if this is the only part you are replacing. I replaced my whole case and it was easy to install this at the same time. I wouldn't buy this if I didn't replace the whole case.
    If you're gonna replace your DS Lite case I recommend you to buy this part too. It doesn't make that annoying click sound when you open your DS Lite. Works great!
  • A must have

    posted by Simiont

    If you need to replace the lower screen and/or touchscreen frame of an NDSL, this cheap but good quality part will improve the results of NDSL case replacement or repair - the old frame will not stick well if reused.
    Don't fix your NDSL' lower screen without fitting a new, color-matching, touchscreen frame. Or you might want an extra spare, in fact.
    Good price for a useful piece. Works great. Fits perfectly in the NDSL. Even after three repairs, my NDSL looks like new, thanks to a fresh new frame.
  • Great replacement!

    posted by DrSaturn

    - Price: these are inexpensive, making a broken NDS work again in as little as fifteen minutes (and some good soldering skills).
    - Quality: These are tough and durable, lasting as long as the stock ones included on the consoles themselves
    It's recommended that you sharpen up your soldering skills before you attempt to replace these. While not as complicated as some other repair jobs, this does require you know how to solder properly and that you have the dexterity to solder small pads.
    Also you'll need the necessary screwdrivers for taking apart an NDS. Check sku.02905
    Great for repairs. Would suggest getting several on them for fixups.

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