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national flag pattern Customers Reviews

  • It works.

    posted by Reliku

    It does what it has to do. It looks pretty. It's fairly sturdy.
    If you're below 60 of age and are middle class citizen or above, you'll know this: You're stupid enough to drop your oh-so-expensive smartphone. AGAIN. After 5 drops the glass hasn't cracked yet, but it's pretty risky. This cheap-yet-effective item will solve your problems. Put it around your phone and it'll be protected from everytime you decide to drop the thing again. At least, until you decide to take it with you skydiving.It's cheap, it works and it has the union jack on it. Come on, the union jack!
    Don't leave your phone unprotected, this $2.50 item will be a great investment every time the thing hits the ground -again-. Even if you already have a phone cover, I bet it doesn't have the british flag on it - reason enough to buy this one.
  • Cheap and cool case.

    posted by xWaLeeeHD

    Bought this to my old iPhone 3GS just to make it look good. Have been looking good since day one. Feels good and sticks in your hand very well. I like the that it looks kinda old and makes a good imperssion and look to it.
    Could maybe have been some soft material on the inside just to make sure it didnt scratch up the case but I guess the price makes it not possible. But still a good case.
    Good case for a small amount of fee. If you like the american flag this is for you.
  • Not bad...

    posted by fraggledog

    It provides great protection, it's durable (hard to scratch after some falls), fits perfectly.
    It's really different because its rough and shiny coating (like small crystals).
    I prefer rounded borders and cases that don't make the phone look bigger.
  • Nice case

    posted by dominiqueleus

    It really looks vintage. nice level of detail. specially considering its price. it is a very strong and stiff case. very smooth case, easy to slide into your pockets
    an great price/quality product
  • Just Play

    posted by welgemoeda

    I bought it for Fun. I have a Note Phone and it looks cool. it Is Sturdy. it is finished of Nice and Clean.
    It Looks good and does not Scratch easy. I am a fool for keep Calm stuff. I won't use this as a daily driver but will Keep it for Fun
    Buy it if you Like the Keep Calm thing and i you don't have a Note II use It as a Wall Peace... its big enough.


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