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  • Super cute!

    posted by jessyross

    - They have a cute style,- They fit the nails very well - They are long- From a distance they look very natural- If you take good care of them, they can last a lot of time.
    I'd suggest buying 2 packages of it, since it comes only 12 pieces of nails and you may lose some while wearing (I've lost 2 already xD). Also, buying 2 packages would help you finding the perfect size for your nails.
    I recommend this to everyone who wants pretty and flashy nails and doesn't have enough time to make them on their own ^^

    posted by scampyleigh

    -Great quality plates. -Each individual engraving is very precise meaning the polish sits in grooves well making the designs come out great! -Awesome selection of designs. -The stamp is nice to use. -The scraper works well also.
    REMOVE THE PLASTIC OFF THE PLATES FIRST!!!!I got so frustrated not being able to make any designs work......then I realised there was a thin Perspex covering the plates. It's barely noticeable. (Had a blonde moment for sure!)
    AWESOME. LOVE IT. Already looking at new plate designs. Officially addicted to nail stamping!
  • Very Useful Scissors!

    posted by deedeesx7893

    Perfect for traveling and using around the house. It is made out of very durable steel and it cuts into various materials very well. Also, you can loop it to a key chain and it dose not take a lot of space in toolboxes or/and drawers.
    I really like this product because it can loop it to a key chain so I can take it with me where ever I go.
    These scissors are an excellent tool to have, I am thinking of buy another pair to put in my toolbox.
  • Holds the clipings

    posted by himpo

    Holds the clipings.It even has a file.
    This reminds me of the day not so very long ago when I used to have to search the froor with a magnifying glass to find the clipings from where they fell, and I can not stand to think that I did that for 20 years of my life, I mean that sums up to a lot of time, just because they did not sell these in my city, or maybe they did not even exist back then, but now that is over and now I can spend my time more productively, thanks to this.
    You will not regret buying this.
  • A nice tool for drying up painted nails

    posted by AlphaOmega2k

    Compact. Nice looking. Good materials. Conviniet to use.Does not have wires.Works on regular AA batteries.Danger parts covered to protect from harming.Does what it suppose to - makes nails dry faster.
    Could have been better if it could dry nails with a slight heating, not just the cold wind from the propeller...
    A good choice if you or your relatives/friends do their nails at home. Helps make nails dry faster. A good choice for a present or for daily use.

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