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nail clipper keychain Customers Reviews

  • Compact and slim

    posted by cryious

    Super portable, slim, performs like a normal nail cutter.It has a file that is not your usual lining kind, but a 'sandpaper' feel kinda file which does a better job.
    Was looking for a nail clipper that I could carry around with ease, and I've seen a friend use a pair of these before, but I couldn't find this anywhere. Saw it on DealExtreme and bought it immediately. Very useful for musicians as we need to keep our fingernails short.
    The higher price is there because of the added convenience.
  • Very nice nail clipper

    posted by WIZARD221

    1.The narrow edge is excellent. It allows you to approach the nail in a wider range of angles and in more ease.2. The edge is also thin and you can use it to clean under the nail.3.Great price
    Be be careful not to cut yourself while using the edge to clean under the nail.
    Overall I'm very pleased.I also bought a smaller one to connect to my keys.
  • Great!

    posted by Peeluka

    very nice
    is tiny, not as large contraptions that look like they are going to be used by Big Foot, my god we're going to cut the nails not the fingers!!
    is sharp (if not well said)
    is easy to use
    the chain that brings is half the fart, to where I'm hanging on your keychain?? hahahha
    nothing more to add, an excellent product, even if not entirely cheap, I needed my and my country to sell $ 4, so I was good!
  • Made for clipping

    posted by WallyWombat

    I've had these a few months now and they certainly do the job very well. Good clean cut every time. The quality surpasses the last expensive pair of clippers I purchased from the local supermarket. Being stainless steel these don't have any problem with the chrome lifting.
    These clippers are mostly used to cut tough toe nails and they do it well. Next time I might be temptered to try the size up but as a general clipper these are great. Not too big to do hands and not to small or weak to do toe nails.
    I found it hard to decide which pair of clippers to buy but very happy I got these.
  • Just good to have

    posted by Npj97

    It's very small so can be took anywhere, it cuts the nail first time every time and folds away very easily and also opens up just as, it is full metal so should not break
    I should have bought more to keep in bags cars coats and for spare incase I lose it
    Just buy one buy 2 great for travelling when every cm counts and I've dropped more money worth in the street so if its lost its easily replaced

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