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Finding your favorite nail art is easy in our product catagories. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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nail art Customers Reviews

  • Woody Dotty

    posted by keonivek

    Package well, reusable plastic sleeve to keep them clean. The price here: for the many level of dotting set is great! I use this for Pom- Clay tooling too.
    I do however like that wood good to draw on. so i made some tiny chibi on them.
    Overall this is a great product to add if your into 3D nail art, clay figuring, or soft metal worker that tinkers in models. I would totally buy this for a friend if they would only ask. currently missing one due to "borrowing"
  • Nail polischer

    posted by Hans62

    Wel its a nail polischer so far so good.Is its useful?not really I must confess.It does some polishing but not nearly enough to make it a great product.That having said,I did not expect a great product for this price so am I disapointed not really,you get what youre paid for.
    Its cheap so dont worry be happy
    Its cheap so youre get what its wurth.no complaints about it.Nothing more to say about it
  • Will buy again once first lot runs out.

    posted by MissBandicoot

    Much cheaper than buying in a beauty store. The container is easy to open and quite wide so it is stable when being used. The gel has an odour but it is not unpleasant.
    The gel is quite thick as it is a builder gel. However is does self level quite well though not as well as thinner gels.
    Overall it does what it says and no problems except that it is clear not pink.
  • Great for girls

    posted by Josefinelykke

    Great for that girly feeling. A lot of glitter came a long and there is enought for a long time. the glut Works really well, and is not to strong.
    There are so many different styles you can make from this. My nieces went crazy when they saw this and alle the glitter... The glitter is great for putting on top of nailpolish aswell ( without the plastic nails )
    Great product, for at small amout of Money. Works great as a gift for your girlsfriend or familily member.

    posted by minguitz

    Great variety of brush tipsNice quality for a really low priceThey look really great and at a distance doesn't change much from professional onesHave worked fine so far
    Great if you are willing to have working tips for a really low cost.you can't really tell the difference unless you compare it closely with a professional one.Work just fine and haven't lose strength so far
    Excellent deal, and just for under 5 dollars

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