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mxdl flashlights Customers Reviews

  • Nice pocket torch

    posted by VillageIdiot

    -This thing provides all the light you will need for looking in your trunk for something, looking at your engine if you break down, lighting up a room or cupboard, any normal task.
    -Easy as all hell to use. Circuit board and spring are cheaply-built but work fine.
    -Pretty damn long battery life.
    -Nice and cheap.
    -Came in a little cardboard box which was a little dinged up. Product was unharmed.
    -Works great as stocking stuffers or as token gifts.
    -Pocket size and not that durable, but since it's so cheap you won't care about it scratching.
    -Simpler than 1 + 1
    -Looks nice, very portable
  • one of the best lights I've ever had

    posted by keepcoding

    + very small and light
    + takes CR123A batteries (better than AA or AAA)
    + very bright
    + superb build quality
    Well, I haven't seen a better light with that size so far. Would totally recommend it to everybody who's looking for a small flashlight which is very bright. If you are looking for a light with long runtime, this is definitely not the right one for you!
    I love this flashlight!
  • Great little LED flashlight!

    posted by logozo

    Fits everywhere, perfect to carry around if you have to fish behind servers, desks or inside cramped spaces. Slips into a backpack or purse easily, uses AAAs (I put a NiMH in it). Bright (for a small LED light.
    That light has only one mode (on/off), no hi/low/strobe - but personally it suits me well as I see this light as a secondary/backup light. Go for a good AA flashlight if you need something better or fore heavier duty use.
    Great little light to keep in an emergency kit, or carry around.
  • Very Nice Flashlight

    posted by Pet20

    Very Very brightCompactlook solid, durableUse AA battery
    Very good product
    Buy it !
  • Small and very bright light

    posted by LEDsgo

    - Smaller than I thought. I underestimated the amount of light this little torch produces. Even much brighter than the 7-LED Flashlight (20.000 mcd) I already have of DX. - Uses just one single battery. Not sure how long it will run but time will tell.- Battery compartment looks solid and not so fragile.
    - Small, handy and very bright flashlight.

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