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multimeter uni-t lcd Customers Reviews

  • Satisfied Customer

    posted by Dadao

    The whole equipment is complete for a user with good experience with electronics, the cost benefit is very interesting, the equipment is robust and very easy to use, were made some tests and his behavior was great.The equipment can measure DC direct current, alternating current AC, DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance and continuity, it is an ideal tool for users.
    Despite the long distance be transport, packing and shipping product by mail resisted and protected the product
    I am very happy with the purchase, I will recommend to my friends
  • fantastic

    posted by mariarosa

    Meter high quality, very accurate, is ideal for measuring any element. It has a very large screen.
    Only you would add a light to the screen, otherwise good quality and good price
    I recommend it 100%, and DX has a very good price. You will not find anything like that in other stores. Also has great quality for the price you have, you will not regret the purchase. Comes in a box and well everything. It is also ideal for gifts.
  • Estupendo multimetro. Lo volvería a comprar sin dudarlo

    posted by rul7

    Estoy encantado con este multímetro. Ofrece un gran número de funciones, y todas ellas funcionan a la perfección. He comparado mediciones con otros multímetros y ambos dan resultados muy semejantes, tiene buena precisión. Viene con sonda de temperatura, que aunque a priori creía que nunca utilizaría, lo he hecho en varias ocasiones. Me encanta el aparato. Excelente calidad, y a buen precio
    Después de comprarlo aqui, lo he visto en varios sitios vendido como multímetro profesional y a un precio mucho más elevado, ya que decían que es un multímetro prefesional que ofrece muchas funciones. Sinceramente, si buscais un multímetro profesional, a un precio que no encontraréis en una tienda, no lo dudeis.
    Si tuviera que comprar otro multímetro de nuevo, volvería a hacerlo otra vez. Me encanta su funcionamiento. Es rápido, preciso y la calidad del acabado es muy elevado. 100% recomendado
  • Best pocket multimeter on the market

    posted by chipset31

    Normally in these small pocket multimeters you saccrifice features for portability, not in this case. This thing has all the normal features you could need to measure your way out of an emergency.It's very small, It's perfect to toss in a backpack when you're going on a trip or keep in your car, boat or caravan. It's even small enough to keep with you at all times in a jacket pocket, measuring in at hardly larger than a wallet. The actual meter is about 60x110x10mm, probe wire length is about 450mm and the actual probes are about 100mm including tip. The carry case is about 90x120x20mm and is roughly 2mm thick opaque plastic.Insides are very high quality for the price, it has PTC input protection.The back is attached using a single screw through a metal threaded insert.
    Probes are very short compared to normal probes which could be a safety concern if measuring high voltage.
    At $19 this is an absolute steal. No retail store would sell this for under $50. I intend to carry mine along in my backpack to school every day and you should too.
  • Cheap Pocket Multimeter

    posted by Knuckx

    Seems to be just as accurate on Ohms and Volts as my Amprobe PM55 (a meter costing 5 times the price), nice fast continuity beeper, fast autoranging (even on the capacitance range).
    Probes built in to meter, and can't be detached or replaced, but this is pretty standard for pocket meters.Not UL Certified and only CatII 300V; as such should only be used for testing equipment after the mains socket, not used on ring mains, fuse boxes or distribution boards.
    My backup/2nd pocket meter after my Amprobe PM55; It's an excellent pocket meter for it's price, providing it is used within it's measurement category rating.

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