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You can find fashionable multimeter test leads at a low price. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

multimeter test leads Customers Reviews

  • Great SMD probe leads

    posted by ekilachkoff

    Very sharp needles, good for small contacts like those on small ICs and SMD passive elements. Scratches oxidation layer easily so it will make good contact. Flexible cable (though not as flexible as silicon wire would be, still better than most stock probes). Usable length is about 85cm (the probe itself is ~15cm, connector is ~5cm so it adds up to 105cm total length).
    Fits my UT-61E nicely.Cables are 1000V CAT II rated, this means it cannot be used in unprotected circuit (an automatic circuit breaker is needed). Still good for small electronic work though, just don't use them on building-level mains installation.Cable resistance is about 0.15 Ohms, so I believe 20A rating is only for short-term measurements.
    Great upgrade from bundled probes, a definite buy if you do any SMD electronic work.
  • good product at a good price

    posted by davidecocchi

    good leads. are of good quality, and the wire is firmly fixed to the terminal, even if they are not welded, but simply tightened.
    I use them basically to charge gel batteries, and they do their job perfectly. are less suitable for making precise measurements of the electric current, for the problem of high electrical resistance.
    I'll buy more for sure.
  • Very Goooooooooood!!!

    posted by rumek

    *The built material is good and feel solid, way better than the one came with my multimeter.*The length is quite decent for my standard use.*The price is awesomely cheap considering the quality and material's features.
    *This test lead is better than the most that come with the decent multimeter in the market here.
    *Bruce Almighty said, 'Goooooood!!!!'
  • Chuffed!

    posted by Magik79

    Great product and the quality is not bad at all. Sturdy construction with good connectors and decent wire used.
    It would be handy if there were more tech details on the connectors - I bought spring clips to go with this and they have 2 different connector types. This has banana connectors on both ends, while the spring clips have a thread for the end of a probe. But I was able to mod things and get it to work.
    Happy - good product for a decent price.
  • Not very impressed

    posted by Vampyre666

    Iv been searching for alligator clip leads for my multimeters for a while now, all the local suppliers are way to expensive. Aligator clip leads are a must for quick project hookups especially when you don't have enough hands! The lead wire quality is good the clips are good.
    for the price i guess, the quality is expected.
    Could have been of a higher quality

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