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multimeter test hooks

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multimeter test hooks Customers Reviews

  • Great for that price

    posted by nagyra

    - very good price- contains a lot of clip- the quality is good enough
    For that price and quantity you shouldn't expect so much from it. Contains 20 pieces so you can give some for your friends too.
    - not a really cons, but all the clips is black. It can be sell with 10 piece black and 10 piece red for the better recognizing when you use more clips.
  • Good quality clip grabbers

    posted by cmartin1

    Useful to grab common SMD components. It works as expected and firmly and flawlessly grabs pins of components.It is capable to grab pins of non SMD parts too.20 pieces is probably all you need if you are not a professional but just an electronic aficionado.Price is nice.
    I was doubtful about the quality of these parts when I initially ordered them, but after I received them and had the oportunity to closely exam them I have to say that they are OK, plastic parts are not of the best quality but they are better than average.
    I will buy again when I need more.
  • Good price, secure and easy to use

    posted by emolfi2

    Shinny hard plastic body with a strong flat brass hook of 3.5mm travel and 1.5mm grab clearance. Strong spring with the right force. The tip has a matching hole to secure the hook and get a firm attachment on the wire/pin under test.All clips are of the same colour but you have a lot of different packs to choose.
    Quick to dissasemble and solder. Worth making a bunch of flying wires with these clips at the ends to use as connection wires while testing circuits.
    Easy to use on wires, pins and dip chips. Clear tape sticks well to the caps if you want to label them.
  • Great little test hooks

    posted by druck540

    Very good quality test hooks.The solder tab for the wire is one solid brass piece that is also the hook. So there is no chance of poor contact in the mechanics. Or something coming loose with time and use.Very nice feel to the spring. Will hold on very nicely to whatever you hook it.
    I like these. Very small and light. It will not put any mechanical stress on the things that you connect it to.42.5mm overall length.
    I recommend getting these if you need to make a lot of measurements on a lot of small delicate things.Or perhaps a universal balance charger connector.
  • Very usefull probes

    posted by matvs1

    Today I received these probes that can be used for Multimeter or Oscilloscope. They have send directly to my post box because the parcel is too small I did not go to the Post office.The parcel has 20 items.You can easy mount these probes to almost any element on the board.These Clip Probes easy clip even to SMD Capacitor.
    We can not connect these probes to the small SMD chip but they are sufficient, to use with small other components such as capacitors, resistors and other.
    I recommend buying this because these probes will help with your work.

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