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multimeter temperature Customers Reviews

  • Electronics engineer

    posted by Virus59

    Large 3.0 "LCD screen, large numbers of electron-analogue scale. multimeter automatically realizes the necessary evidence, for example, when measuring the resistance of the device automatically selects Om, Kom, Mom, and also by measuring the voltage and amperage. You can choose to display the measurements display in an automatic and manual mode.Thresholds can be set measurements, freeze the values. There is a continuity sound.Convenient protective pouch.
    In the multimeter uses 2 AAA batteries. Read on the Internet in the battery compartment is quite well includes AA batteries, only need to change the hardware for battery. So if you do not have enough energy for a long time, you can adjust the battery with more capacity.
    In general, a multimeter is completely satisfied, despite the many disadvantages of not all of them are more than outweighed gains.Taking up his usual tester, and now I can not imagine how to do without him:) Overall I recommend.
  • Better than I expected

    posted by vilarcamaraneto

    This product is very good! It has a sturdy construction and feels solid at hand.The display includes a horizontal bar graph that responds very quickly (the numeric display only updates a few times per second).
    Contrary to some users' experience, my unit came with a working backlight. You must press the "Hold" button for some seconds to activate it.It is noticeably bigger than those cheap yellow multimeters, son don't expect it to be "pocket-sized". However, it comes with its own pocket, so you should have no problem when carrying it around.
    For the price, buy it! At least here in Brazil similar Minipa models cost way above US$ 100.00!
  • A great multimeter

    posted by johnnyboy15

    A great meter. Very useful around the house and shed. The ohms, diode test and buzz test are great. The temperature and capacitance measurement are simple to use. It seems accurate on all measurements so far.
    It is so comprehensive, it does all measurements I could want except clamp current measurements. I got the BM821A for that. It is good too.
    Delivery times are the only problem. I noticed that Dealextreme were waiting delivery from the manufacturers for a week. Still under a fortnight from order to delivery is not too bad though
    Buy it. You will not be disappointed. It is great.
    Auto power off will save me batteries.
  • very useful

    posted by uzi222

    it is very useful for voltage measurements, (both AC and DC). it can measure resistance and also temperature. Most of other multimeters cannot measure temperature and it may be useful when you measure temperature on heat-sink. Quality is fairly good. it has an auto-off reminder - beep to remind you to shut it off.
    seems very good for the price.
    it can be summarized as good quality and useful tool when you want to debug/fix your electronics devices.
  • Nice Multimeter

    posted by wgriffa

    Nicely designed. When you select for example voltage the correct sockets for where you should plug in the leads lights up in red. Relative humidity and temperature are always displayed no matter what mode you are in. The back light it not simply and led or bulb shining on the display. The display has a beautiful even light blue back light. It is easily visible. It also responds quickly with a fast settling time. It offers dual temperature reading.
    I found an English manual at http://www.elektronika.rs.ba/data/prodaja/Minstrumenti/MapsourceManual.pdfThe build quality is near perfect I would rate it at 99 out of 100.
    If you want all the functions that this meter offers buy it. It is a meter worth having.

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