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multicolored led light

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase multicolored led light here and you can save money at the same time. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. Browse the products from 12v led lights, or some other related Pages like led work light. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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multicolored led light Customers Reviews

  • Very nice, but...

    posted by Rafael2

    - Very nice lighting;
    - Can fit thousands of purposes;
    - The colors change are nice;
    - Makes your room look nice.
    I bought mine to use as a backlit for my 42" LCD. The result was VERY good, although it required me to buy a 110V power supply so I could power it at a wall socket (SKU.15989)
    If you want ambient lighting, this could serve you very well. But I recommend it mostly for use as a backlighting for your big screen TV. It makes a nice result and the contrast in films increase well as a bonus.
  • Cheap vibration led sensor

    posted by Yamhp

    Very Cheap vibration wheel led multicolores sensor.The light really shines.Very easy use.Fits on my valve.Metal material is good
    If you want a Cheap led wheel vibration sensor that sometimes do not works you can try it.I will check diferent ones to inox if are them beter.
    Buy if you want a Cheap stuff.Remember that sometimes stops to work
  • review belgian owner

    posted by lillnemo1

    1) the price is awesome: here in Belgium, the Netherlands and so on, they ask about 250 to 300 euros for 3m ledstrip like this one, without the remote control
    so this is a real bargain
    2) very high light intensity.
    this 5m aint enough to lid a entire room, but it really gives a lot of light when dark. can't imagine the 300euros strips they sell here give more light.
    3) very good quality fabrication
    4) The colourmixing is VERY good. top quality
    5) delivered within 5 days from hongkong to my place in Belgium
    this is really quick!
    6) if you ( and/or remove the controller and remote control and) attach it to something like the colorswitch (dimmer, colourswitcher and on/off), you will be able to make 16 millions of colours
    a really great product for an even better price
    I really love it
    I bought one to see what it was, well it's totally awesome and I will order another 7 of these in the near future
  • very cool for kids rooms

    posted by FudgeNZ

    great low power mood lighting. I use these in our kids rooms and run them along the walls to provide mood lighting at night.
    they provide very good background light, definitely not enough to read under, but along side a lamp they are great.
    having the remote control means you can work it and turn it off without having to go and disturb people in the room also.
    I power 2 x lengths of this using a 10amp power supply, also bought from DX!
    we plan on getting more to run round our deck to provide lighting for edges at night.
    great mood lighting for indoor or outdoor use.
  • super product

    posted by lillnemo1

    I allready had one 5-meter rgb with remote controller and it was great, no it wat SUPER
    My whole room was filled with immense light and colour
    the colour-mixing was really great too
    so now I bought another 4 5-meter strips, but without controller, I want to hook it up to a Collingwood DMX controller and a dmx-decoder/led driver from ledtuning.nl
    to be able to get high wattage circuits
    the RED wire is common +
    the Yellow wire is for RED
    the BLACK wire is for GREEN
    the WHITE wire is for BLUE
    Super product, get it

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