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  • Great Wire Stripper, Great Price!

    posted by Andrew181

    This wire stripper grips the wire and then makes the strip at any length you want. It is great for adding a split connection to a wire with out cutting it. It even has a guide for stripping wires, as in if you needed to strip mulitple wires at the same length. After you strip a wire this wire stipper literaly springs back to be ready to strip another peice of wire.
    Great price havent seen these under $25-30 in any store. So I got these last week and are great for wire stripping anything really. I use these on delicate wires that can't be pulled on too much.
    Bottomline is great price great product but I do wish that the handles had more of a rubber feel to them so it would be easier on the hands.
  • Fun kit of parts for wiring up prototypes

    posted by ceturc

    Good collection of wiring parts and breadboards and a power regulator
    This was a relatively expensive item, so I was hesitant to order it, but I really needed the assortment of prototyping parts (breadboards, jumper wires) and thought I would try it. I'm very happy with the assortment that came in the box. No complaints.
    For fun, my young kids enjoy playing with the hookup wires and the bread boards, making pretend circuits (and some real circuits as well).
  • OK overall but signal is weak for some application

    posted by TexasGuy

    Nice box it comes in. It can do 3 things: 1. The wand detects any high voltage around about up to 3 feet away, awesome for finding power wires in the wall. 2. Generates radio over wires and you can trace it3. Shows if your Ethernet cable is correctly wired.2 nine volt batteries are included
    Would not say that the price is right.
    I enjoy its ability to detect high current around the house, feels like magic.
  • solid quality tool

    posted by benny182

    -Really nice build quality, it feels really solid.-fast, wich is important if you have to strip a lot of wires.-very clever design and really easy to use.-it's great to be able to own such a quality tool for this kind of money. Good tools are essential.-Good solid grips molded onto the metal itself
    I really like this tool, the engineering that went into designing the action is really good. I think this is a tool that will last for a very very long time.
  • A good product

    posted by goireland123

    For the price you get a sturdy built mouse and keyboard, both light up and whatever you need, the keys on the keyboard are also quite nice, not the best but they work great.The mouse also has a braided wire, and both have gold plated USB ends.
    The lighting on the keys could be improved, they do not light up very consistently, but if you are sitting in a dark room, and mainly focusing on the screen, you will not notice it, its only minor, plus the brightness can be changed. (The keys on the keyboard each get lit up individually however)
    Bottomline is the keyboard is great, its large and good looking, and the mouse also would suit a large handed person, such as myself.Very pleased with the purchase, I am still using them both and they work just as well as they ever did.

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