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  • Stainless Steel 11-in-1 Multi-Functional Tool Car

    posted by migm22

    It's compact, the bottle opener works fine, can opener works fine too, ruler is alright.
    I haven't been able to use the other features yet.
    Comes in 2 pack.
    Can be really hand when going camping or as a simple survival tool.
    Dull with a fine sand paper ALL the edges of this tool, inside and out, they are a bit
    sharp from default. Careful when grabbing it.
    Sharpen the blade edge, and keep it inside the protective shed that it came with, add a key chain of your own.
    Nice basic survival tool. The bottle opener is the best feature so far. Buy one.
  • Very pretty torch

    posted by garytnz

    The flashlight has a very attractive, quality finish. There is a handy plastic sleeve to hold the batteries, which makes it much easier to load teh batteries than on other similar torches. There is a small insulating disk behind the batteries to prevent them discharging in transit. You will need to remove this before use.
    These are of course first impressions!
    For the price - how can you go wrong?
  • Great for party and for kids!

    posted by alderian

    - These rings are very bright- Very cute, specially for little girls that like to show off
    It's more a 'one-use' product than a 'life time' one, don't try to use them a lot, they will eventually break of the battery will be depleted.
    Very nice product for party time!! The happy face is so cute and the rings are wicked bright... kids just love them!
  • nice LED for wheel

    posted by bpetreski

    Great fun and very cheap. It's free shipping folks, so in total, it's only slightly more than the price of a good coffee, so don't complain when you find it's not made to last a lifetime (or by Germans!) Amuse your friends and stun motorists!
    • These should come in pairs. • I'd like to see longer ones for a 'whole wheel' effect.
    • Buy one and try it out. It's only a few bucks! :-)
  • Very usefull

    posted by Pokah0ntas

    It´s works fine, really absorbs lots of water, works fine with dust. Great on emergency liquid accident on table.
    It´s strange how its get hard when is dried, but after dip it into water starts working all over again and again.Dust goes away after dive it in a lot of water.
    Really works, comes in pair, pretty large ones. I cut one of mine in the half and now it's better to work with it.


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