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  • good and cheap

    posted by sizovmn

    Fun and cheap "jewelry" good for christmas table. Children love this stuff.
    It's nice stuff but maked from very cheap plastic and can easily damaged on delivery - one i bought come to me damaged - but i can repair it in 30 seconds - just fix contacts in electronic part.
    Just buy it! It's REALY fun for holidays / birthdays etc. It's like candles - it disposable but bring a lot of fun! i post some videos - it's do amazing effect!
  • Not quite as bright as expected

    posted by Syncopated

    Fairly straightforward to use. I had no problems working with it. The only problem I had was my own fault -- I accidentally connected 42V to the red channel of one of the plates and destroyed it in a blaze of glory.
    A wide range of colors can be produced, as expected. Packaging is pretty robust -- it came wrapped in a bubble pad.
    The polarity is not marked in an obvious way. Here's how it was marked on the ones I got: The lead with a hole punch in it is the anode -- it's to be connected to the positive terminal of a power supply.
    A heatsink is probably needed if you run it continuously at full power. I use a 110mm-diameter heatsink per plate. The back of the heatsink becomes hot to touch after 1-3 minutes at full power (350mA per channel), hot enough to burn my finger if I touch it for 10-20s. These LED plates are quite nifty, but the bulky heatsinks are not so fun. In a few years, maybe technology will increase LED efficiency sufficiently so that much smaller heatsinks can be used instead. Hopefully.
    For better heat conduction to the heat sink, I think they could have made the bottom surface flatter and smoother, but I don't think it's a big deal.
    I think it's good value for money at the price I got it for.
  • Cool but unpractical.

    posted by covekizsenke

    It's a really cool item. You can choose between a wide range of colors and modes of operation. I especially like the fade and the smooth modes. The color transitions are nice, colors are cool. Could be used as a very nice night light for small children or for interesting light effects for a bar/coffee shop.The remote works great.
    Pleasently supprised by the remotes range!
    If you intend to use it as a light bulb for everyday stuff avoid it. If you want some ambient lighting for parties and such it's great.
  • Excellent!

    posted by Mikelam

    Great, bright, iridescent, rainbow-what more need for the New Year? Flashing unsystematic, each bulb random ... this can be inconvenient for some people.No power unit and no the control unit, it is good.
    Shipment in a simple package, so good condition is miracles!But Cristmas is miracles holiday!Delay per month for the new year, but it is a problem to post.
    Excellent Cristmas gift unit. Very Recommend!
  • Nice radio

    posted by Tihosk

    Good antena, many options to listen.
    I solved LED problem by unscrewing bottom plastic and putting some tape over it. Still a bit of flashing from transparent plastic on housing but not noticeable. Thinking of putting something in front of speaker to make it quiet.
    To me it is really good looking and works good enough for this money. P.S. I think USB coffee cup heater drains power from battery when activated if you connect it via USB port on it.

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