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  • A good little knife to have handy

    posted by drumfish

    A strong carabiner, and a strong little knife. The serrated cord cutting portion is quite sharp and useful. You can tell in the picture that the blade locks, but I did not look closely enough, so was particularly pleased that it does so. Mine came in black which is a bonus.
    Useful if you want a knife for simple tasks and you want it available without searching in your bag. And when folded up it just look like a carabiner so it threatens no one when hanging off your belt or pack.
  • handy little key ring

    posted by danielkje

    It has a small size, and it fits easily in the pocket. It has a nice little flashlight included, which comes in handy from time to time.. It has an ok quality for a key chain.. and its Cheap compared to other tools with the same functionality :)
    Great value for the money. Nice as a present for the man who has everything..
    What you see is what you get, nothing more, nothing less..I have no problem recomending this to a friend.
  • Great for a bug out bag!

    posted by apexad

    Red color makes it look like a Swiss Knife or Coleman KnifeVery Easy to gripThe price! Same one by Coleman sells for way more in the store
    Mine was not put together all that well, and I had to apply some super glue into the inside so it stopped coming apart when I pulled out the utensils. However, after doing this, it's been working perfectly, and I've used it a lot.
    Buy it for a bug out bag or your next camping trip.
  • Pretty Good!

    posted by joshuaomara

    The first thing I noticed about this was that the colour was amazing, I got blue but I think red will be just as good. the tools come out easily and the knife is decent sized. Has springs in it so you can put the tools back in easily.
    It is light and good for EDC. It has a great shiny colour that catches your eye!!!
    Great little knife and bigger than I suspected, nice colur and good feeling. Great knnife!!!
  • Pretty good

    posted by johanva

    Multi-function:-Can opener: Works-Knife: Very dull blade. You will not be ble to cut yourself even it you try alot. But if you sharpen it then it might be effective.-Screwdriver: Flat (not Philips). Ok, but very "wedgey". You need to push alot while turning the screw or the screwdriver will leve the groove.-Ruler: Woks ok.-Bottle opener: Works great.-Hex wrench: There are 6 different sizes.-Adjustable spanner: I cant find this feature.-Saw: Small, but it does the job. Good idea is to were a glove when using it.-Direction indicator: How this will work I dont undertans?-Position wrench: I cant find this feature.-Round hole: True, there is a hole in the corner to put a rope, etc through.
    Cheeper than a Victorinox but not as good. Verry durable.
    Good considering the price. But not something I would trust my life with.

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