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multi key Customers Reviews

  • Great keyboard for your HTPC!

    posted by Scuttle

    - Build-quality is great
    - Size is perfect, not too big, not too small.
    Installation was just a matter of plugging the USB-dongle in and flipping a switch on the keyboard, no drivers needed.
    This keyboard is great if you have a HTPC and need a keyboard/mouse combo
    Not a keyboard for a desktop-computer. You don't want to spend a whole day on this, but excellent for a HTPC-setup where you from time to time need a keyboard and/or mouse for some system work.
  • A good product

    posted by goireland123

    For the price you get a sturdy built mouse and keyboard, both light up and whatever you need, the keys on the keyboard are also quite nice, not the best but they work great.The mouse also has a braided wire, and both have gold plated USB ends.
    The lighting on the keys could be improved, they do not light up very consistently, but if you are sitting in a dark room, and mainly focusing on the screen, you will not notice it, its only minor, plus the brightness can be changed. (The keys on the keyboard each get lit up individually however)
    Bottomline is the keyboard is great, its large and good looking, and the mouse also would suit a large handed person, such as myself.Very pleased with the purchase, I am still using them both and they work just as well as they ever did.
  • Nice set for small locks

    posted by Cogitosus

    Nicely finished set with a good range of profiles and very finely finished picks with sharply-defined edges to the blades. Suitable for a range of small locks
    A nice set like this deserves a good wallet to hold them.
    Very impressed with the quality of the metal and the machining of this set, the rakes are very sharp and would work well for extracting a broken key. Definitely worth the money.
  • Great for the Hobbit fans!

    posted by Stefander

    - Looks and feels exactly like the really expensive version- Great silver and black finish- Included necklace allows you to take it anywhere
    It's exactly what it is, and it comes with a pretty neat finish, so you won't feel ashamed to wear this around your neck while listening to the Hobbit soundtrack at work.
    True fans of the Hobbit need to at least have this gadget. If you're a poor student who can barely save money for your own food, this gadget will show everyone that you're a true fan of the movies and/or legacy.
  • great value for the price, reliable, but still not perfect

    posted by fruzzetti

    (1) Provides a standard sized 10key keypad with bonus features.(2) Automatically toggles numlock when in use.(3) Includes critically important ENTER, BACKSPACE, and arrow keys at a quick keypress.(4) Additional functions CUT, COPY, PASTE easy to memorize. Additional buttons for BACKSPACE and 000.(5) Index position at numeral 5 is wide and easy to feel without looking.
    (1) The key actuation depth is shallower than on a standard keypad, which takes a bit to learn.(2) The keys seem to actuate a membrane rather than a nice, tactile, clicky mechanism which is preferred. Of course, this supports the idea of doing your ten-key work quietly, but makes it harder for me to know for sure I'm doing it right.
    It's definitely worth the price. But do not expect the world's most deluxe number keypad. It works well, like surprisingly well, and will save you time if you ever have to do a bunch of ten-key entry all at once.

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