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multi color Customers Reviews

  • Fun game for young children

    posted by fireworks2nite

    I bought this game for our school library (Primary). The kids love it! It's perfect for little fingers and is good for memory training. The kids choose this game to play at lunchtimes and is perfect for all ages. Made from strong sturdy wood pieces, the colour is hidden on the 'down-side' of the pieces. Children have to remember the position of the coloured pieces for the memory game.
    colours are good, size is compact. Very easy for young children to understand how to play. Your basic memory game, but for many people to play. Multi aged works well.
    For a fun game, I would recommend it.
  • Nice quality

    posted by pashte

    Works as expected, great sound quality great materials.Includes usb charging cable and audio input cable.Recognizes almost anything. I've tryed with different SD cards and it all worked well, also usb flashdrives and even a usb to m icro sd card worked fine. Good battery.
    Has everything to start using it.
    I recomend this speaker, its cheap and good.
  • Nice Backpack

    posted by upgrayedd

    The one i got is proving to be a very tough little bag, ive taken it camping/hunting/fishing and used it just for general things. I've managed to fit enough cloths in its largest pocket to last for 4 days and walked through the scrub with a 15kg swag strapped to it and its easily survived it all. the material is pretty tough and its got enough pockets on it to hold all your gadgets
    even though its not huge, its big enough
    great cheap bag, my friends are jealous, especially of the price

    posted by Jeroendejong

    They work as described. My daughters (8 and 11) loves them at a disco party great great When I gave them to her she showed them off any chance she got.
    For childeren they are a little to big!!
    NICE product for a good price party time!!I'm buying more to give out at SKOOL PARTYY MISTERYLAND AND TOMMOROWLAND RAVE ON ! The happy face is so cute and the rings are wicked bright... sometimes I can't help but dance when they're on my hands!
  • Great Quality Breadboard set

    posted by Markuitos

    Excellent built quality. Allows to group components in differents areas and move them as needed.Also you can use only two small brick or threes getting a clear are
    If you already have a standard breadboard, I strongly recomend u to but this one, that is much more clear and configurable that a whole one
    Buy it, no excuses

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