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mr16 warm white light

Finding your favorite mr16 warm white light is easy in our product catagories. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.

mr16 warm white light Customers Reviews

  • fine (for now)

    posted by BisXcoito

    the shipping was great, and the light bulbs arrived pretty quickly....which was great, because the old ones had burnt or simply started flickering right from the start, which made me quite weary of buying another set from DX....anyhow, the color is perfect, the "warm" degree really makes the living room prettier and is less tiresome for the eyes if you are staying there for long stretches of time
    not much, these are just light bulbs
    VERY cheap price comparing to anything I could buy here in Brazil or from eBay....no cosmetic difference from famous brands, so unless they have any inner defect (which I can't check, it just happens all of a sudden), I see no reason why not get these instead
  • Best MR 16 LED I have found at DX

    posted by Stoltenberg

    Very nice warm colour, have a very wide spread of the light.
    I have tried this bulb against the MR16 6W Cree XPE 3-LED 450LM 3800K Warm White Light Spotlight (DC 12V) (SKU: 110524) And found that the Cree bulb might light up a little more directly underneath, but the spread of the light is much better, and will give you much more light everywhere in a big room with many bulbs.
    I have tried a lot of the bulbs sold here at DX but this is my favourite MR 16 LED bulb, it will easily replaces your 40 W halogen bulbs.
  • Good MR16 halogen replacement

    posted by moa999

    Great light for an LED and a near equivalent to a halogen
    - This is the sister product to 65174 (5-led 7000K) and from the same family line as 39027 (4-led 3500k) and 30208 (4-led 6500K)- Without doubt this is the closest match to my old 50W halogens, although light is a little lower (maybe 40W equivalent) and the bean angle is still less - not as good if low ceilings
    Really good halogen replacement if you have the roofspace in your fittings.
  • Great price, but a few issues

    posted by ChronOJohn2

    - The price is really great.- It works with AC and DC- Wide angle
    - I'ts a cheap LEB bulb but it has some disadvantages. I'll buy another one next time
    - If you have a high ceiling it won't blind you.
  • 3W Nice Coloured Warm White LED

    posted by RBLAND

    -Nice and warm! The warmest LED I have seen thus far!-Very comparable to the colour warmth of a standard 50W halogen. -Decent and bright, I use it to light up a tree outdoors.-Quality seemed good -3W as stated 250mA @ 12V AC
    Had to run a resistor in series - quick fix 5W around 15Ohm with the DC supply to drop the current to <250mA to keep it <3W as it should be. Otherwise this thing ends up burning up!-Check with multimeter to see that actual current reading at 12V is equal to or less than 250mA, 12*0.250=3W
    -Very nice warm light-Build quality was good-Cheapish for what you get-Designed for AC-Ever so slight ac flicker with AC supply. Not too bad-Could be cheaper!-Awesome warm white light! Colour desn't even look like an LED!

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