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mr16 led white bulb

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mr16 led white bulb Customers Reviews

  • Great value for the price

    posted by mclerici

    Good price for the value.High brightness for it 5 watts of consumption.Good quality of materials. Its aluminium body gives it a solid and robust structure.It
    The lamp works at very low temperature. It not heats like a conventional one of the same luminosity. This is very good thing in warm climate.
    Good buy. Product highly recommended.
  • Warm white and bright

    posted by Admiraal

    The colour of the light is very nice. It's not like those normal white LED lights which always give a cold blueish colour. This one is actually warm white, although an incandescent light bulb still has a warmer kind of colour. The build quality seems good, they do not seem to get too hot.
    The lights came in small boxes in a bubble envelope. They weren't damaged, but I can imagine they can easily get damaged during posting.I have seen similar lights like this (same appearance) being sold for $30. They gave a more neutral (not blueish) colour, so these DX lights are actually better (and cheaper!)
    If you're looking for inexpensive warm white lights. Get these!
  • Definitely not the warmest white

    posted by NeoMoucha

    Great LED light bulb, well built, although you have to little tighten the screws if it is needed. nice luminous flux about the same as a 20W halogen light bulb. It is quite cheap. Focused beam (if you need it)
    The light beam is of course much more focused than in a 25-35° halogen one.
    Great for saving money for electricity in a long run and if you don't mind the color of the light and don't seek a REAL warm white LED light, can be perfect for you, because it is still quite warm.
  • Great Product

    posted by Dragon64k

    this product should come with optional lens to put on to cover more space to light.it is to concentrated.another thing it should come or you suggest the socket for the two pins.this this is a two wire electirc wire with roud socker with two female for the led to come in.
    there's a power driver of 12V 10W and only 4W led spot light.why not 12W or add one more led so it will be 5W5WX2 = 10W4WX3=12Wwhy 10W?
    great product will buy it again.
  • great light, too bad it is out of stocl

    posted by borenibai

    Great light, good cone, perfect replacement for halogen lights, not expensive, gives off more light that the 35W halogen lights I used to have. Good, solid build, the radiator seems to take out the heat well.
    Excellent and very useful, I wanted to buy a batch and now it is out of stock, which is a considerable letdown. Please bring it back! :(
    Please bring it back, I'd hate to have to buy a new test light and find out you're out of stock on it again.


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