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mr16 led white bulb

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  • Not bright enough to replace halogen

    posted by charlesr

    Direct replacement size-wise for halogens so it fits in limited fittings.The lines of LEDs look cool when lit.Low energy consumption.
    If you are looking for a low lumen flood, then perhaps this would meet your needs.
    This LED bulb has small dimensions which match original halogen bulbs, but is not really bright enough for most situations. However, if you are looking for a low lumen flood this would suit your need.
  • A very nice warm color

    posted by shevmi

    High quality construction, nice warm white color. This lamp sits outside summer and winter and is still going strong. I used it in my bathroom to replace my 35w halogen lights.Focused beam (if you need it).
    Nice look.
    Great for saving money for electricity in a long run.
  • Bright light cheap bulb with controller and optics

    posted by GammaButa

    - very bright light- can work from 12V adapter, car battery, other battery packs near 12Volts - tested and worked fine from solar solar panel with 18Volt starting voltage- only need 300-320mA of input current, leds are connected serially- for DIY porjects all the components can be also usefull (driver circuit, LEDs, metal heatsink housing, plastic optics)- easy to modify, to further improve efficiency
    I disassembled it and also measured voltage/current plus how to improve efficiency, pictures will be attached about internals and how to mod.
    It is one of the best 12Volt bulbs here if not the best.
  • Good price and well packaged

    posted by matthnz

    White lightQuite bright for their size.wide flood lightvery short bulb so fits in smaller mr16 fittings
    I thought the bulbs were faulty as they didn't go when I first gotthem. An electrician friend came over and looked at them and realised they are polarity aware. this means you have to have them in the correct way around. If they don't go the first time turn them around.
    A good purchase one I got them going! They are nice and short so fit in my outdoor light fittings easily.
  • Decent cool white bulb

    posted by AntonKk

    A good kind of cool white, not irritatingly blue as some other lights.
    Good price per lumen.
    Equivalent to (or slightly exceeds) a 20W halogen, but the light is spread over ~110° (very wide) - good for recessed ceiling lights but not for spot fixtures.
    Use it if you have DC power supply in your system, or fit a rectifier after the transformer. The bulb is polarized - if it doesn't work, plug it the other way.


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