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mr16 led light

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mr16 led light Customers Reviews

  • Almost like daylight

    posted by moa999

    Great near daylight light, really bright.
    - This is the sister product to 65173 (5-led 3800K) and from the same family line as 39027 (4-led 3500k) and 30208 (4-led 6500K)- Due to whiteness light seems equivalent to 50W halogens although the bean angle is still less - not as good if low ceilings
    Great powerful cool white light, perfect for sunny rooms, areas leading to outside, modern areas with blacks and whites.
  • Excelent

    posted by Alpin38

    According to the specifications, cost-effective, the product arrived undamaged and in perfect condition. I recommend this purchase.
    Excellent brightness, very economical, low heat generation. The use of super LED lamps contribute to the sustainability of the planet to the extent that optimize consumption and revert to an efficient light quality, durable low power consumption.
  • Great led bulb or the price!

    posted by jawknee2

    - These are really really cheap for led bulb! (at least 5 time under the price in stores).- They have a 120 degree beam angle (in stores I only saw led bulb with 30 degree).- These are the ones who have the more lumen I've seen with theirs 430 lumens.
    - I use them for aquarium lighting and it is amazing. Much brighter than halogen or fluorescent.- Do not try them with a power supply with more wattage then they take... Or they will burn :p
    A great product that I recommends to anybody.Sorry for my english
  • Maglight in a spotlight

    posted by Pudrik

    The lamp comes with its one reflector, lens and cooling sink, (the lamp it self acts as a heatsink)Yellowish white light, suberbright over larger distance. where other lamps only light up in the center of max the radius of 50cm this one lights up atleast 1+ meters and the light still doesnt slack off on larger distances currently tested on 2+ meters
    Great product if you want to have a longer lasting light, that still lights upp the room the same way your orignal 20W bulb used to do but with only 15% of its power consumption, that will probably show up on your electrical bill in the end.
  • Great Price

    posted by draftbc

    Cheap, free shipping, I was directed to this site by a friend who shops here all the time. I tried a purchase, then tried and RMA, received in store credit. Thank you
    Was directed here by a friend, we both had issues trying to claim in store credit, however after almost 1 hrs we figured it out.
    Most likely won't buy from this site due to overall confusion.

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