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The perfect mr16 led driver here to meet all your needs. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Customers can also browse led light driver or led current driver to find their desired products. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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mr16 led driver Customers Reviews

  • Works well but not as advertised

    posted by nlekatsas

    Units are compact, inexpensive and work well.
    I haven't tried the 3 or 6W models, they might have better characteristics.
    Useful for DIYers, will still give huge efficiency boosts over incandescent light sources when couples with some decent LEDs but this is by no means a high end driver.
  • Godd pricing and performance

    posted by hhiippyy

    * Very compcact * good build quality * easy to improve
    This driver is build on MC34063a base, so you can easily midfiy it, if you want to make dimminel light. All that you need to do, it's deolider 220 Ohm SMD resistor form the top of the board, and solider on ti's place in series 220 Ohm resistor and 5 KOhm potenciometr, and you get 3W led driver with variable current. But, if You ar intersted in usingi it on the lowest current you wil need to change Coil with bigger one, to prevent blinking
    Very good LED driverMust have for DIY projectVery cheap, about $1 per driver
  • Perfect for running LEDs off of 12v

    posted by lilmundo

    -It delivers very reliable current, ~620ma by my measurement.-It can easily power 2 leds in series off of a 12v battery. This is an excellent feature.-Easy to set up-Driver stays cool
    I used these drivers to power some 12v lamps with two 3w LEDs inside each. I got to test it during a blackout and there was so much light in my living room it was like our house was the only one on the street with a well lit living space.
    This is a very useful product. Perfect for what I needed it for. If you want to power 1 to 2 3w LEDs off of 12v, this is the driver you want.
  • Works well, nicely constructed

    posted by murcod

    Compact size and quality construction (including 105 degree C rated capacitors). I've just set up one to run off a 12VDC solar system - in my case the input rectifcation diodes can be removed (if being used for DC) and jumpers put in place of two of the diodes to make the input wires +ve and -ve. There's no need to do this, but diodes will be dropping around 0.6V unnecessarily as they're only required for AC voltage inputs.
    I'm using this regulator to drive a KUNSHI 5W 410lm 5000K 10-SMD 5630 LED Neutral White Ceiling Light w/ LED Driver (85~265V) http://www.dx.com/p/kunshi-5w-410lm-5500k-10-smd-5630-led-neutral-white-ceiling-light-w-led-driver-85-265v-189839. I've replaced the standard 85 - 265VAC driver with this and it's working perfectly.
    Very useful for anyone wanting to convert suitable mains AC LED lights to run on a solar system.
  • Perfect for automotive applications

    posted by teatimestreet

    This unit is perfect for automotive application if you can tweak a little bit. It has rectifier which makes the unit usable for AC. And in addition it also makes it non-polarized for input. That is... you don't have to find out which is positive and which is negative for the input. (you still need to consider that for output, though). The problem is that it generates huge amount of radio interferrence, so that the FM radio is no longer audible. What you have to do is to remove the diode bridge rectifier and connect + to + and - to -. In my unit the rectifier had "MBS6" label on top and + and - indicator. I simply cut the legs and soldered small piece of metal legs from spare resistors. Then the radio interference disappeared completely. You now have to make sure the polarity of input, though. It is running perfectly and driving two red CREE LED in serial without any problem.
    Great price and great product.


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