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mr16 led driver

The perfect mr16 led driver here to meet all your needs. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Customers can also browse led light driver or led current driver to find their desired products. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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mr16 led driver Customers Reviews

  • Best Driver I've found

    posted by bls123

    Small, lightweight and easy to modify for just about any use. Has very good current regulation that only varies 5-10ma at most over the total operating range. The units single resistor that sets the current level is easy to change. Input has a bridge rectifier so polarity independent and can be fed from either an AC or DC power source. Bridge rectifier diodes are easy to remove for greater efficiency when powering from a DC source. Uses a PT4115 chip. This makes the max input voltage 40VDC (or about 28V AC) so up to 10-11 LEDs in series can be powered (depending on which LEDs are used and the total LED voltage required of course). Input capacitor is only rated for 25V however so must be replaced for higher voltages.
    Less expensive and a lot easier than building a current regulator from scratch. Exactly the same as 13553 and 13557 except for it's one resistor that sets the current level.
    I buy a number of which ever (13553, 13555 or 13557) is least expensive at the time for projects and simply replace the resistor when a different current level is needed.
  • good combination of price and quality. good choice for this money

    posted by SPBalpinist

    sufficiently compact and inexpensive. operate with either input polarity.
    Need more insulation, such as shrinking. possible deviation of the current. Cost control. rework lights on a motorcycle to LED - better options than this until I found
    good combination of price and quality.good choice for the money and with such parameters. will be ordering more.
  • Nice way to save your leds

    posted by fkasouza

    Inexpensive, well built, compact. Much better to protect your Leds than a single resistor. I don´t even think in a new Led project without one of these.
    Listed specifications could be better. A better description or an attached spec sheet will be welcome to clarify use for any non initiated.
    Another nice product from DX. Very affordable. The correct way to protect your Leds.
  • Excellent DIY LED driver

    posted by eboyer

    - Great price (especially the bulk rate)
    - High quality current output: I've used over a dozen of these drivers and they all provide a very constant current, and thus flicker-less LED lighting
    - Can be dimmed. The integrated circuit for this LED driver is the PT4115 LED controller, which contains a "DIM" input. Applying a pulse-width modified digital signal, or a variable DC voltage to this DIM input provides continuously-variable dimming of the LED. For more information on how to do this, see the PT4115 datasheet (it is very easy to read, so even a beginner DIYer should be able to do it).
    - Open-circuit protection: this driver will not be destroyed if it is not connected to a load when powered (this can happen to some LED drivers)
    - Thermal protection: the circuit will protect itself if it gets too hot
    - Highly efficient: the PT4115 is up to 97% efficient, so very little power is wasted
    - With a few modifications, it can output up to 1.2A at up to 30V, for a total power output of over 30W (this can be done by simply changing the resistor and inductor on the circuit. See the PT4115 datasheet for info on how to do this). This means that this driver can power LEDs up to 30W, although the inductor required for such high outputs would be a bit big for the circuit board.
    - Can be powered by either AC or DC voltage (but note that its maximum input voltage is NOT 40V, as stated in the product title. See my con section below for more info).
    - If you're using a DC power source and you want to maximize the efficiency of this LED driver then I recommend removing the rectifying diodes because these waste a bit of power due to their forward voltage drop.
    - Note that the large, unbendable metal prongs (which are the input voltage connections) can be easily removed and replaced with something that is easier to deal with (and to bend), such as wire.
    Excellent price and highly modifiable. Highly recommended for all 1W LEDs. Also has the excellent benefit of being dimmable with slight modifications.
  • Well build and working

    posted by Infratuna

    Building quality seems good. Does what promised and little more - it works with my bicycle dynamo which produce 6 V max. One of my GU10 230 V 3W led lamps driver broke down. I change this driver to the lamp and now I use it in my bicycle! It perfect cause it has rectifier and bicycle dynamos normally produce AC. I'm so excited :D
    This field is required :D Ok why not. I'm going to test my first bicycle-dynamo-DIY-lamp and if it is working well I order a lot more.
    Nice deal! Hope it has a long lifetime.

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