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mr16 driver Customers Reviews

  • Best Driver I've found

    posted by bls123

    Small, lightweight and easy to modify for just about any use. Has very good current regulation that only varies 5-10ma at most over the total operating range. The units single resistor that sets the current level is easy to change. Input has a bridge rectifier so polarity independent and can be fed from either an AC or DC power source. Bridge rectifier diodes are easy to remove for greater efficiency when powering from a DC source. Uses a PT4115 chip. This makes the max input voltage 40VDC (or about 28V AC) so up to 10-11 LEDs in series can be powered (depending on which LEDs are used and the total LED voltage required of course). Input capacitor is only rated for 25V however so must be replaced for higher voltages.
    Less expensive and a lot easier than building a current regulator from scratch. Exactly the same as 13553 and 13557 except for it's one resistor that sets the current level.
    I buy a number of which ever (13553, 13555 or 13557) is least expensive at the time for projects and simply replace the resistor when a different current level is needed.
  • Great driver for desk light LED replacements

    posted by ecotack

    Works on 12 VAC as well as 12VDC (so you can't connect it wrongly)
    Fits into 12V lights that accept halogen bulbs.
    Works (thats the important bit)
    Could change the title of this item to show its more like 650mA than 350mA.
    I used a Cree P4 with this to convert a desk lamp to LED. At this current the LED will need a good heat sink. I cut a disk of aluminium the same size as my lamps glass lens and mounted the LED on that, which fit nicely on to the lamp.
    Will be buying more.
  • Works well, nicely constructed

    posted by murcod

    Compact size and quality construction (including 105 degree C rated capacitors). I've just set up one to run off a 12VDC solar system - in my case the input rectifcation diodes can be removed (if being used for DC) and jumpers put in place of two of the diodes to make the input wires +ve and -ve. There's no need to do this, but diodes will be dropping around 0.6V unnecessarily as they're only required for AC voltage inputs.
    I'm using this regulator to drive a KUNSHI 5W 410lm 5000K 10-SMD 5630 LED Neutral White Ceiling Light w/ LED Driver (85~265V) http://www.dx.com/p/kunshi-5w-410lm-5500k-10-smd-5630-led-neutral-white-ceiling-light-w-led-driver-85-265v-189839. I've replaced the standard 85 - 265VAC driver with this and it's working perfectly.
    Very useful for anyone wanting to convert suitable mains AC LED lights to run on a solar system.
  • Nice way to save your leds

    posted by fkasouza

    Inexpensive, well built, compact. Much better to protect your Leds than a single resistor. I don´t even think in a new Led project without one of these.
    Listed specifications could be better. A better description or an attached spec sheet will be welcome to clarify use for any non initiated.
    Another nice product from DX. Very affordable. The correct way to protect your Leds.
  • Better quality

    posted by OgiDogi

    The new batch seems to be of much better quality - the wires are soldered much better and look a bit thicker with soft insulation.
    Works very well with 1 W White LED from eBay seller SureElectronics coupled with SKU.12436
    As I said before - buy as much as you need of these, they are pretty useful. I will buy more whenever I need them, noone can beat this price.
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