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mr16 driver Customers Reviews

  • Best Driver I've found

    posted by bls123

    Small, lightweight and easy to modify for just about any use. Has very good current regulation that only varies 5-10ma at most over the total operating range. The units single resistor that sets the current level is easy to change. Input has a bridge rectifier so polarity independent and can be fed from either an AC or DC power source. Bridge rectifier diodes are easy to remove for greater efficiency when powering from a DC source. Uses a PT4115 chip. This makes the max input voltage 40VDC (or about 28V AC) so up to 10-11 LEDs in series can be powered (depending on which LEDs are used and the total LED voltage required of course). Input capacitor is only rated for 25V however so must be replaced for higher voltages.
    Less expensive and a lot easier than building a current regulator from scratch. Exactly the same as 13553 and 13557 except for it's one resistor that sets the current level.
    I buy a number of which ever (13553, 13555 or 13557) is least expensive at the time for projects and simply replace the resistor when a different current level is needed.
  • Godd pricing and performance

    posted by hhiippyy

    * Very compcact * good build quality * easy to improve
    This driver is build on MC34063a base, so you can easily midfiy it, if you want to make dimminel light. All that you need to do, it's deolider 220 Ohm SMD resistor form the top of the board, and solider on ti's place in series 220 Ohm resistor and 5 KOhm potenciometr, and you get 3W led driver with variable current. But, if You ar intersted in usingi it on the lowest current you wil need to change Coil with bigger one, to prevent blinking
    Very good LED driverMust have for DIY projectVery cheap, about $1 per driver
  • Perfect for running LEDs off of 12v

    posted by lilmundo

    -It delivers very reliable current, ~620ma by my measurement.-It can easily power 2 leds in series off of a 12v battery. This is an excellent feature.-Easy to set up-Driver stays cool
    I used these drivers to power some 12v lamps with two 3w LEDs inside each. I got to test it during a blackout and there was so much light in my living room it was like our house was the only one on the street with a well lit living space.
    This is a very useful product. Perfect for what I needed it for. If you want to power 1 to 2 3w LEDs off of 12v, this is the driver you want.
  • good combination of price and quality. good choice for this money

    posted by SPBalpinist

    sufficiently compact and inexpensive. operate with either input polarity.
    Need more insulation, such as shrinking. possible deviation of the current. Cost control. rework lights on a motorcycle to LED - better options than this until I found
    good combination of price and quality.good choice for the money and with such parameters. will be ordering more.
  • Efficient and flexible 1-9 LED 360mA

    posted by randytan123

    many reviews that I read said that this LED driver is very easy to modify to add more features.
    For few months I was just using it to drive 1x 1 watt LED.
    But then I tried to experiment if it can support more LED in series if the input voltage is increased.
    To my surprise, it can light 9 LED successfully when I provided 32 V DC input. The current remained at 360mA through out the test with LED amount connected in series = 2 to 9.
    Thanks to the warning from other reviewer, I noticed that the capacitor used is only rated at 25 V (output capacitor), so I ran the unit for just 10 seconds to avoid unnecessary trouble when I drove 8-9 LED (26V- 29.5V).
    if you want to run this unit for long period of time above 25V, make sure you change the capacitor to 50V.
    the PT4115 datasheet says that the absolute maximum input voltage is 45V, but recommended max operating voltage is 30V.
    So be careful if you want to use the 40 volts mentioned on the title of this item
    very good in terms of price, performance and possible modification.
    no regrets in buying them

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