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mp4 player transmitter Customers Reviews

  • Good FM Transmitter

    posted by sebastianlezica

    After all, a good one!.The bluetooth in our car stereo are broken and really miss send music from the cell phones.We try some adapters but this one win all.You can change the frequency in all the range for find a free one. We live in a big city, and for find the right free frequency you need to try with one, travel, try with another, one after other, but this adapter is very helpfull thank to the digital tuner.
    I not understand if the battery is charged too when the adapter is off...
  • Easy and it works

    posted by masmas

    Works like a charm. Easy connection, usb for the power and the jack for the audio.
    I was wondering if the range would be good enough for my purpose, but it works in the complete house, that is nice.
    Good and cheap solution, no batteries or power adapters needed.
  • How to play video on this product

    posted by Rub4o

    It`s work and have a good look. Colored display and menu are very nice, you can see title of played songs, volume level, EQ possition and frequency.
    It`s play video but not this introduced in review. You can play only AMV video files with lowest resolution (like 160x120, with low bitrate and frames). You must convert your videos to AMV video format and put it on memory card.If you have audio and video files stored on SD card, the player automatically start playing audio files. To start playing video files you must do 2 steps:1-st You may pause playing audio files;2-nd You must hold "M" button (menu button) for more than 3 seconds, after that you will see Menu with 3 options to choose: Music, Video and Pictures. You must select Video and will start video selection. When you pause video playing and pres for second "M" button you can start navigate browsing of video files. To back playing audio files you must pause playing video and again hold "M" button for more than 3 seconds, and choose "Music" menu.
    The product is good for prise, but have some important faulty:- the player haven`t USB input option like promoted (you can`t use USB memory stick);- the player haven`t memory of last played song, after stop the engine or player, it start from first folder and song, and if you drive on short distance you will hear same songs;- the players menu is hard to navigate between folders or change audio to video menu (if you have some folders with different songs or video), you must stop the car and setup the menu with 3-4 operations.- the player haven`t mini USB to USB cable in set (it`s promoted to have, but in set haven`t);- transmitted sound is not perfect (have parasite noise like most FM transmitters);- the menu haven`t option to play Randomly (Shuffle) audio files;

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