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mp4 mp3 Customers Reviews

  • Almost perfect cable

    posted by danizmax

    Cable is of a good material, the cable is thick and of a good build quality.
    It's a perfect cable if you are working mostly with notebooks or have a USB hub on the table. You can charge your phone as well use it for file transfer.
    A very good product with a very good price.
  • Good protection for your gadgets

    posted by cyclist

    It seem good quality and seals very well.Double zip lock and then roll over makes sure no water is going to get in at all.Very cheap way to protect your gadgets.
    The width off the item that will fit in is around 50mm and length around 110/120mm, but that all depends on how thick the item is.
    Definitely worth buying to protect your gadgets if they might be getting wet.You may need to get a bigger one than you think.
  • Great!

    posted by joeranbosma

    - Great product, it charges my Samsung galaxy SII fully, even when it is still on (not-active-use). My galaxy has a battery with 1350 mAh, so I am very satisfied. - Great price.- very compatible, you can use your own usb-cable.
    I would recommend it to everybody.
  • Versatile

    posted by heitordes

    The finish quality of the equipment is very supportive and offers enough protection to equipment during use.
    Despite the fact of being small Armband equipment meets the intended purpose and seems to be very sturdy. I use it weekly for the race and gave no fault, my IBS involves advanced with ease and still holds the keys to my car.
  • Decent price/quality

    posted by nietie

    - Cheap- Stylish- Easy to use
    I bought about 3 different earphones from DX. I chose this one because it looks pretty cool with the black and white cable. Compared to the others I bought the sound on this one is ok. Though the cable is pretty weird, its not really flexible making it entangle really easily. So if u put it loose in your pocket or bag, prepare to be entagling it every time. The price for what you get is pretty good. Though I would not buy it again.
    Good headphones for its price. The sound is ok but for music you will hear the difference from higher quality headphones easily. The cable is not flexible and will entangle easily.There are some minor problems so I suggest to buy another one at this price range or pay a bit more. Unless you really like the looks of this one, then they are fine.

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