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mp4 fm Customers Reviews

  • Awesome product

    posted by ozerium

    I love this thing, i use it to record my Spanish class.
    Its got pretty decent sound to it.
    very awesome to have a Mp3 player and a video player AND a voice recorder all on your wrist.
    I'm very pleased with mine.
    Buy it if you have the money.
  • Easiest so far! And good sound!

    posted by GGray

    The size is very good, the display easy to see, connection by just plugging it to the phone is perfect! Transmission quality was much better than the most in this price level! Easy to use and good sound.
    One thing that can be annoying is to handle it when you drive. If you have the phone i a holder and the transmitter on top, it will move around the plug when you are setting a new station.
    The most price worthy and easy working unit I so far has tried! Worth to by!
  • Cool stuff, works fine

    posted by galat

    Works fine for me, range is ok, sound vlume also. I was using it for more than 4000 km, it even works on frequences that are used by local radios, only a bit interference, but sounds good. Wasn't heating, used it for more than 21 hours in a row.
    Small, easy to use, don't need external drives for the music.
    Works fine, does what it suppose to do.
  • One of the best things i've purchased in DX

    posted by luissilva79

    Small, powerful, very easy to use, solid, 5v powered and it really transmits in stereo!Didn't have any problem transmitting within 2 to 3 walls.
    Something I was looking for for ages. If you want to use it with your mobile phone, you could buy / use with a power bank / mobile battery charger.
    I'll probably buy more. I like the fact that it doesn't have a battery. Now I can listen to my TV or PC in any radio/smartphone I have without any worries about chargers or power adapters.
  • As expected

    posted by natjansoa

    - It's realy nice and cean desing. - It's Fast to operate. - The lcd screen have a good bright. - The sound in the earpiece is loud and clear, without the handset is not too high.  - The price is great.  - It's an awesome stick with exact 4g.  - The battery lasts a long time.  - Works well with many file types.  - Small and functional.
    It is exactly what I wanted, does everything and then some.
    By the price and the features that MP4 is very good. It is as good as its competitors expensive. Just do not expect perfection for that price.

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