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mp3 speaker blue Customers Reviews

  • Not bad for the price

    posted by Kigger

    Really good camera on it, the speakers are nice and loud. Battery is fairley decent last a good 3-4 days and i ride 15-20 miles a day. record time good also. IPX water resistance works have ridden in the rain many times, recording and listening to music. If you can modify the mount a lil like i did then get it! Will opload pics and sample video!
    when you change songs the nexty song you pick will have like half volume, hit the volume down button when this happens and it goes back to max.
    get if you can fix the mounting issue!
  • Outstanding product

    posted by marianofsoler

    - Works great with any pendrive.- Very good sound- Simple: Just play music, loud and clear.- Nice gadget- The gadget is very comfort to carry out.- Nice tuner receiving.- Has a led lintern..
    Very good choice. The gadget is ideal to hear music at the kitchen, the bathroom and all places where any other equipment is too big or too uncomfortable... Very nice sound: You can listen at the garden without problems
    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice gadget... The blue one is the adorable small box
  • Nice gadget

    posted by dundee_g

    Small and light with nice design. Easy to use. The sound of it is pretty loud. For the size of the speakers the quality of the sound is good. No much bass but no overrun of high frequency tones. There is an equalizer but for that type of speakers it does not make much difference. It is very easy to set the stations of the radio.
    Nice product.
    A good gadget with decent sound quality on a relatively good price. I would recommend this product.
  • Speaker review

    posted by User3836

    Speaker works well and supports MP3, and WAV files but not WMA. Has nice light underneath speaker. The antenna works great for radio. Sounds nice as well. Also this speaker supports USB and Sd card. It automatically plays the music once the sd card is in or USB. The aux cable that it came with works well with my iphone but not on my car stereo. Headphones work.
    This speaker works well but you have to figure out how to use it properly. This is what I know so far on how to use it. The mode button is for changing from the USB, SD card, and radio. To use your iphone with this speaker or any other device that has a 3.5mm jack input you have to connect both the charging cable and the usb to the speaker then the 3.5mm jack to the desired device. Otherwise it wont work. To decrease volume you must click and hold until volume decreases. To increase volume you must click and hold until volume increases. Also both the volume buttons are used to go forward and back to your song or when using the radio. (Just click once to go forward or back)The scan buttons scans and is also a pause button. BTW you can have the sd card installed and the usb, and switch between them using the mode button. Sorry if this is long but just want to help everyone that is confused using this device. :)
    Overall this is truly a great product to have. It's pretty tiny too but don't let it's size fool you. This little thing packs a punch!
  • It is a Great Little Product

    posted by zganor

    The product has Great Sound Quality. It is amazing to hear the quality of the little speaker.It includes many Good Features: Music Player, FM Radio, Clock, Alarm Clock, Battery, etc.It has a fantastic Small Size relatively to its features and quality.
    Could be very useful for a smooth sleep at home.Could be very useful for traveling. smooth sleep at home.and a nice gift
    Great Product


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