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mp3 slot Customers Reviews

  • Great product

    posted by vbogrov

    Great product. It's connected to my Android without any problems. I use it with Skype and as Headphones for my laptop. Working range about 5-7m. You can walk, jump, do exercises - connection is Ok. The embedded mp3 player work fine. Sound quality is great for me. Buss very good. High freq is great to. Working time from one charge - long... used it about week, not charge yet.
    The product that is worth buying.
  • Great Universal speaker / sound system

    posted by dietcokelight

    Universal sound system (FM Radio, SD Card and every 3.5mm player like MP3, phone,....) with great sound. Can be used everywhere. Charges fast and lasts for more than 6 hours.
    I use it during my Powerpoint presentation, in the shower, on the bike to work, in the garden,.... just everywhere
    It is solid with great sound, long battery life and small enough that is fits everywhere.
    Lightweight and easy to use once you understand the logical setup.
    If you're looking for a small but powerfull sound system than this is it. It is universal and almost every player can be hooked up.
    It won't let you down after a couple of hours.
  • Cheapest electronic I've ever bought

    posted by oscarscheepstra

    CHEAPSmallLooks pretty okComes with cable and earphonesComes on a nice plastic case that can be used againDid I say CHEAP?
    They could use some glue on it. But well, it is so cheap that I really didnt care about it. I will use it on university to make a prototype play some sounds, so that is more than enough.The packaging imitates the iPod, and the headphones try to do that as well...
    If you need a cheap mp3 player for a project. buy this.
  • Simple and functional, very light and compact

    posted by dreamwalker717

    Very light and simple design. Blue LEDs indicating operation. Clear sound. Playbeck starts from the second where it was stopped, after the device is turned off and afterwards on.
    This device makes all, what it should for the nice price. Supports TF Card, starts from the last second when turned off or stopped. Also if you make folders, it goes folder by folder (every folder has to be played file by file).
  • Usefull Player

    posted by BrunoDavi

    If you don't like giant headphones and need some more discret, buy it. I personally prefere inner earphones like this. Additionally, I don't get along well with wires, screwing them too fast when I store them.
    For this price, I had nothing to complain about the product. I recommend the purchase, because the product is usually sold at higher prices outside the DX.
    Really recommended.

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