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mp3 sd speaker Customers Reviews

  • Good Music=Good Ride

    posted by MadCowMoo

    Sounds amazingly good/loud for speaker sizeEasy to installLooks good on bikeFits with most common scooter mirror mountsLow power drainagescan picked up most FM stations in my areamp3 nice for bad FM reception areas
    Overall I'm pleased with these speakers. They sound a lot better than I expected and were easy to wire in. Black looks good on my bike, and would on most i think. LED display would be a big help in next gen of this product, as well as mp3 shuffle. Hard to pick a good station or song w/o display especially while riding! Lastly, beware: the mirrors are flat, not convex as many scoot mirrors, so you lose some FOV with these (but who cares when ya jammin', ja mon?)
    Get in tune with the road and these speakermirrorthings. Overall worth it for the price/performance.
  • Beautiful and high quality device!

    posted by mezaz

    Very nice design! Better than the picture! Build quality is very good! The sound is also very decent (good)! The bass is not too strong, but better than a notebook. Like a child and wife. Remote works fine, although not without flaws.
    It would be good to translate the interface, at least in English.
    Very nice and functionality device! For child - very good choice! Cons - are not very significant.

    posted by VanoLeoSter

    Good SD MP3 Player ..... Funny design, remote, doesn't need power connection every time
    Maybe DX should writhe the correct description, so the customers will believe it next time. For now I could believe only to the customers reviews
    Yes there a lot of such MP3 Players hear with different design. I've seen such a player working from USB flash, so I don't know what to think If It is a general bug or not.
  • Love it!

    posted by ProDigit

    Very tiny!
    Reads MP3 files from USB and SD cards!
    Has a scan feat in the radio, that saves radio posts.
    Mine came with a BL-5C battery, 3.7V 800mAh.
    Battery size approx ~2.09"x ~1.35" x ~0.22" (53.05x33.84x5.62mm).
    So far sku.22691 is the highest capacity battery for this device, that should give you the longest battery life.
    Sounds better when you place it in a corner or on a table against a wall.
    I did some basic testing, and the little cube plays well from 100Hz to just about as high as my ears and hardware go; although the boost in 2,5kHz colors the high frequencies of the cymbals a bit.
    I tried removing the LED, but I would not recommend it. Although it's pretty easy to remove the plastic plate (4 screws), I presume the cube is glued together, so no opening.
    The best thing you can do if the LED annoys you, is get a black permanent marker, remove the transparent foot, and color the LED black, and the part on the transparent foot plate where it shines in.
    It should reduce the LED light quite a bit!
    You can always remove the permanent marker with some rubbing alcohol.
    Or, use some black paper and insert it between the light and the foot.
    I don't know if I ever am going to use the LED light, but it's included!
    It sounds the loudest around 2.5kHz and 1kHz.
    I heard people say it has between 24 and 48 hours of battery life on radio, and between 8 and 10 of MP3. I will have to see this first, and will put my findings in the comment section.
    It's small, cute, has annoying LED on the bottom that consumes needlessly battery, and is not really loud enough for anything but office work and the king's throne.
    Despite that, it's worth a buy because:
    1- It's cheap
    2-It plays back your MP3 collection on batteries whenever there's a power out!
    3- makes for a great disaster radio!
  • good little speaker

    posted by lulul100

    this is a great little speaker. It has it all including FM. the radio is good, and it isi very powerful. once you open it the bass response it very good. once you put and SD card in it with music you can take it anywhere outside in the car or if you go camping or at the beach. great little device
    it distorts a little bit at maximum, but you can actually have a party at that volume
    all in all is a great little device. it's amazing how much technology advanced by just looking at this little device...there are some minuses but all in all is a great device!


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