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mp3 sd slot Customers Reviews

  • Very good player

    posted by Conguito

    It's LOUD! Incredible LOUD!
    It is well constructed, it doesn't look like a cheap player.
    The quality of sound is better that I has expected from such a little player.
    The FM works fine for me.
    Uses an easy to find mobile phone battery if you need a replacement battery.
    Maybe if the speakers were better protected it would be the perfect mp3 player, but for this price.......It's more than I expected.
    If you want a good Mp3 player with FM this is the perfect item, you have a good quality sound and LOUD!
    The little cons that this item have are no really important, for this price it is a unbeatable player, buy it if you want one.
  • great

    posted by megaboich

    Cheap, good looking, great sound quality (no jokes), simple controls. All functions working correctly.
    Great sound for that size. My 3.5 year son loves it.
    Great purchase if you want to buy very simple and good playing device.
  • Great Universal speaker / sound system

    posted by dietcokelight

    Universal sound system (FM Radio, SD Card and every 3.5mm player like MP3, phone,....) with great sound. Can be used everywhere. Charges fast and lasts for more than 6 hours.
    I use it during my Powerpoint presentation, in the shower, on the bike to work, in the garden,.... just everywhere
    It is solid with great sound, long battery life and small enough that is fits everywhere.
    Lightweight and easy to use once you understand the logical setup.
    If you're looking for a small but powerfull sound system than this is it. It is universal and almost every player can be hooked up.
    It won't let you down after a couple of hours.
  • Nice radio

    posted by Tihosk

    Good antena, many options to listen.
    I solved LED problem by unscrewing bottom plastic and putting some tape over it. Still a bit of flashing from transparent plastic on housing but not noticeable. Thinking of putting something in front of speaker to make it quiet.
    To me it is really good looking and works good enough for this money. P.S. I think USB coffee cup heater drains power from battery when activated if you connect it via USB port on it.
  • Awesome device for a reasonable price

    posted by Lauriz

    Good sound qualityCheap!EqualizerPossible to forward/rewind tracks from SD/USB.Automatically plays music from bluetooth device (once bluetooth mode is turned on), Possible to switch/play/pause songs on bluetooth device!FM Radio works without problems.High volume output level
    The neccesary connectors could be included.
    A very good device, i really like it. I thought that it bluetooth pairing will be difficult, but it is very easy! The only one disadvantage - it does not come with the neccesary connectors.

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