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mp3 recorder Customers Reviews

  • Decent low-priced MP3 player

    posted by rthacker

    This MP3 player has a great price for what you get. I bought it because it takes a AAA battery. I don't like proprietary lithium batteries, so this MP3 player was perfect. I use rechargeable AAA cells, which last quite a while. You could also use regular alkaline batteries, but that would get pricey over the long term.
    Use rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries, to save on battery cost. I use Eneloops.
    It's a good player, considering the price.
  • Could be better

    posted by RadCl

    Great gadget, records good quality sound, very loud, from great distance.
    Bought it to record audio for some video clip, works great
    using 2 AAA batteries is a plus
    speaker is very loud, great for playback
    the package also includes headphones, not specified in the description
    prce is great, but would realy loved some backlight for the LCD.
    buy it if you like recording during the day. At night it's a killer, can't see anything
  • Simple, small and alright

    posted by Sahtor

    The stick takes more than 1 USB slot of room on your laptop. You should consider using a USB cable with it.
    Its perfect for a person who likes to listen to podcasts or audiobooks while moving about. Updating your content is simple enough with file transfers but isn't as simple as you would hope.
  • Cool Idea!

    posted by deallover

    Wow, what a great idea! This thing feels nice, like a quality pen (not sure how well it writes over the long haul). The recordings were good and getting the recordings onto my computer (Mac) was easy. Go USB.
    I could see just carrying the parts separately too, if I was really trying to travel light.
    FM Radio mode...cool! Maybe good emergency device?
    Great device if you need a voice recorder and like gadgets... I think it would do a good job in a lot of scenarios... as it is, I have been tending to use voice recorders on my iPhone. Although these are not without their flaws, it's easier to see what I'm doing to navigate the flaws. With this pen recorder, it's not buggy, you just have to learn how to use it before you use it ;)
  • Not 3D, but awesome quality

    posted by Skilletini

    -First off, really great quality audio! Crystal clear, almost no static or noise, sensitive mic.-It's easy to use.-Each recording is a separate audio file, named automatically by date and time of recording.-Reeeeally small (about the size of two Bic lighters taped together).-Comes with nifty lapel mic (also excellent quality).-No drivers needed.
    It's lightweight design gives it an initial feel of fragility; However, it actually feels quite durable despite its lack of heft.
    This is well worth the money. If you're looking for a good voice recorder for a bargain, I recommend this one.

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