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  • Simple, small and alright

    posted by Sahtor

    The stick takes more than 1 USB slot of room on your laptop. You should consider using a USB cable with it.
    Its perfect for a person who likes to listen to podcasts or audiobooks while moving about. Updating your content is simple enough with file transfers but isn't as simple as you would hope.
  • Excellent sound, low price.

    posted by andoryu

    Low price! Great sound (see below)! Uses an AAA battery!
    I chose this unit because it can use AAA batteries. I don't want one with a built-in rechargeable Lithium battery because firstly, it will wear out, and secondly, if it goes flat I have to find somewhere to charge it. Now I can carry a spare AAA battery and quickly change it. I use Eneloop rechargeables.
    Buy it! With 4Gb memory there's nothing cheaper. I ordered another one for my wife.
  • It does the job

    posted by lucashtorres

    *Come with the "other gadgets" to record phone calls*you dont need to put it on your mouth to record, you can leave it on a table (haven't tried with noise around)
    It is good for the job. For the price it's a good product. I preffer to pay cheaper on this recorder than spend more money one an expensivier one like sony because for me its the same thing (maybe with poor quality buttons but it doesnt matter)
    It does the job
  • A Pretty Useful Stereo Recorder with ultra sensitive microphones.

    posted by joseluizbh

    This is the most sensitive micro recorder that I've ever had. In fact, it is a stereo recorder because it has two microphones or one at each side. You can set it to record in SHQ - Super High Quality or less. The recorded sound is very clear. Inside a room with 120 square meters it was able to register the voice of each person despite of distance from me. I also was able to record birds singing clearly. The recording files are not big. Eg. 8 hours of recording in SHQ creates a 1.4 GB file. The battery is enough to keep it working for days. It is a useful equipment to take for school, work or for outdoor activities. Right now I am applying it do record conversations at work. My coworkers usually lie a lot. So I use to record some special meetings.
    It is a great recorder with very competive price.
    Buying it worth a lot!
  • Excellent piece of equipment

    posted by Stegge

    Small, robust and nice design. Easy to use and records sounds far away with good quality. Buttons gives a firm response when pressed. Auto-power off gives good battery life. Works well with re-chargeable batteries. Batteries can be replaced sine it uses 2xAAA. 8GB it can hold about 100h of recording (1h is about 84MB)
    Nice and elegant recorder and easy to bring everywhere.
    The pros overtakes the cons and I’m about to order another one for myself (the first one was for my wife who is attending university)


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