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mp3 player remote controller Customers Reviews

  • Good but fragile

    posted by guisaraiva

    Good product, does what's supposed to.Read my 16gb flashdrive.To random press play for a few seconds...
    Good product, but died, maybe bad luck, maybe doesn't worth it.DX really should disable the character min...
    Very cheap, worked well before its death, lol...
  • Works just fine

    posted by Ardjan

    - Very small
    - Runs from 3.7V or 5V so it can easily be used in a DIY project.
    - Accepts both SD-cards and USB sticks
    - Contains a reasonably powerful amplifier, so you can directly attach speakers.
    Great little device to add MP3 playback to just about anything you want to build.
  • Great little mp3 player for car

    posted by kulchick

    I got this to replace a Sony CD unit in my car. Main reason is that it didn't supported line in, so I couldn't use it with mp3 players with favorite music. So I got this one, and shortly after receiving, I ordered three more. One I am using at work hooked to big old tape recorder, and other is installed in my car. So good points: 1. Use 12V - work in car without adapter. I may need to stabilize that though, but it is quite good the way it is. 2. Size - fits perfectly in ashtray of my w124 Mercedes.3. Have audio in for hooking mp3 players4. Use both USB and SD cards5. Clock function6. FM radio works good as well7. Screen is bright red, can seed well except in direct sunlight8. Remembers the last song
    I make playlists for my USB drives in Winamp, then save them, and after some editing I can print track list for reference. Song order seems to be directly related to the order they were put on USB drive. With the screen able to display up to 999 for track number and up to F99 for folder number USB drive sizes over 4Gb are excessive. Worked with my 8Gb Sansa e280 though. There are contacts that can be used to solder 5V time keeping battery.
    Worth the money, great for projects or to put in car.
  • Great little unit for the price.

    posted by didjital22

    The unit itself works wonderfully. Reception from the FM transmitter is clear and the sounds is great. I've only tried it with USB thumb drive. The buttons and remote work fine. I use the remote to switch through folders, change the EQ, volume, etc. Everything works.
    I'll likely give this unit to one of my friends as a gift, if it manages to fit better in their car.
    Great unit. Too bad it doesn't connect more solidly.
  • Love this player!!!!! Works fantastic!!!

    posted by GeekMonkey

    So far this unit has met and exceeded my goals in getting it. It will play MP3 files no problem,shows what song is playing,and has a nicely laid out screen. It will also play picture files and some video files. I have yet to try the pictures and video, but I am sure they will work just as nicely as the rest of the unit. The full remote control works nicely and makes changing volume, or songs easy when driving.
    I really love this player. It is the nicest one I have purchased to date and does way more then I expected. The nicely laid out screen is nice to look at and has plenty of information on it, so you know whats going on, what songs playing, etc.


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