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mp3 player lcd 1.4 Customers Reviews

  • Great little product

    posted by Joesp

    - A very small music player. Much smaller than I thought, even though I did read the specs.- Great sound, the size taken into concideration.
    - Remember to buy a memorycard. It fits perfect and it do not stick outside the player. - It doesn't pick up the radio signal, so it's no use as a radio. But I wasn't going to use anyway, so this no problem for me.
    Recommended product, but be aware of damaged gods.
  • Great Sounding MP3 player !!

    posted by Flyingfool

    Great sound from a small unit, Very portable, long battery life, Great Value at the price. Good range of EQ adjustments. eg. Rock, Jazz, Normal, etc. Faceplate is protected by a peel off layer to protect from scratches.
    A Must but at the price, great item !!
  • Do format it once in a while

    posted by RadCl

    Still a great gadget. Nice recordings, no reverb (like other annoying microphones. Love the fact that it comes with an external mic, and headphones
    You really need to give it a format once in a while, or else you get broken recordings.... it „jumps” without recording a few words.Also, the menu is kind of weird, but you don't really need it to much!
    It is still a good recorder, but remember: do format the memory after copying your files.durable.. i droped it on asphalt while running, and it still works ( the batteries were removed by the impact)
  • Great transmitter!

    posted by GadgetFrantic

    I have a 2008 Citroen C4 installed with a proprietary radio-CD player. As this is connected to the car's computer, I had to throw away around 200$ to replace it keeping the computer to work with the car's display.
    So this transmitter is a great workaround!
    Build quality is great, buttons work perfectly, the LCD display is clear enough and displays the relevant information without too much clatter.
    3 external support: USB, SD & standard earphones socket to connect to iPod / cellular by a short cable.
    Supports a full range of FM frequencies.
    Supports a lot of equlizer settings (I use the natural).
    Volume control, on/off switch and remote are useful too.
    Sound is better than an ordinary FM station, as the frequency is near and there is no disturbance.
    For great reception, make sure you use an unused frequency, without other close frequencies (clear 0.3 from each side).
    I'm very happy I saved the 200$ to replace my car's radio + all the hassle finding the right place to do that - not to mention spending a lot of time in the process.
    Buy it - I think this is the best workaround solution.
  • Beautiful and high quality device!

    posted by mezaz

    Very nice design! Better than the picture! Build quality is very good! The sound is also very decent (good)! The bass is not too strong, but better than a notebook. Like a child and wife. Remote works fine, although not without flaws.
    It would be good to translate the interface, at least in English.
    Very nice and functionality device! For child - very good choice! Cons - are not very significant.


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