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mp3 player earphones Customers Reviews

  • Good choice

    posted by razwangeo

    Good quality and good price actually as most of the products on this website. Easily to use and it is the perfect one for swimming and enjoying your favorite music as well.
    I would have liked to get it faster but it deserved my patience. I understand that it takes time because it comes by post but maybe in the future you can do something else for customers to get it faster.
    The perfect one for swimming and enjoying your music.
  • Excellent item

    posted by gasper90

    •It's tiny, so it can be kept in a girl's pocket, which are usually really small.•It's cute, and has a lovely retro look.•Battery lasts for a few hours.•You can put your own micro SD card in it.•The quality of the sound is amazing if you use the correct earphones.•Its clip is really good, you can attach the MP3 player to your belt and it won't fall.
    It's a lovely gift to give to any girl, and it's really cheap. The quality couldn't be better for a price like this.
    I highly recommend it.
  • It is waterproof, and it works.

    posted by danielingolfsso

    This player deserves the hole 9 yards, 5 stars. Works in the pool, shower, sweat or basically everything that's wet.
    Would have been perfect to have straps so you could keep the player on your arm instead around your neck which feels bit weird.
  • Interesting little device

    posted by zerocoolx

    Looks like a USB drive.Solid plastic around the loop for hooking onto your keys.Can be used as a microSD adapter by it's nature.Doubles as a sound card when plugged in (although the left and right channels are flipped)! I'm not kidding! I think maybe this device is meant to be something more than just a clandestine MP3 player. I cracked it open but the microcontroller seems custom (of course there's no info after checking out the laser-etched part number).
    Acetone got rid of the annoying looking logo, but it also got rid of some of the rubber feel coating on the plastic. :-(Also, because it's not explained, I'll tell you how the buttons work:Play/Pause: - Press and Hold: Switches between FM radio and MP3 player. - Nomal Press: Play/Pause.Negative button: - Press and Hold: Volume down. - Nomal Press: Previous track/station.Positive button: - Press and Hold: Volume up. - Nomal Press: Next track/station.Finally, the manufacture date on the PCB said: "2012-12-24" so it's from the future! ;-)
    An interesting little gadget. It would be a cool little thing to just have on your keys if it was slightly better built.I would easily pay 5-10 bucks more if it had a metal USB connector, the sound quality was better, the sound card function was advertised (and the channels flipped to normal), and it came in black or something.
  • mp3 with micro sd card only

    posted by dinits

    when i got it, it looks like device have been already used that is minuss. i waited a month to get it. but im satisfied with this litlle gadjet
    earphones are accually bad too but not too bad. they are not long and if you want to stick on your t-shirt is quite good for it.
    with that price i understand it. it is quite good in this price and small and very compactble. sorry for my texting :)

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