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  • Way better than I expected

    posted by callan79

    Very bright LEDVery loud and extremely clear soundGood build quality
    The bike mount is OK, but gives the overall feeling of being a bit fragile. It sort of bounces around a bit over bumps. It's OK, but I don't know how long it will last. I wrap the wwrist strap around my handle bar just in case the bike mount snaps.
    I'm super impressed with my purchase. I ride in traffic and I generally ride between 25-30Km/h. Even with the wind noise at that speed the speaker can still go loud enough for me to enjoy music.Off the bike, and the speaker is just a really good general purpose music player. I played some music while in the bath, the sound is crystal clear and very high quality.Also there was another review that the unit has no volume control. What you have to do is when playing MP3 press the M button so the light flashes fast then use >> and << for volume.
  • It's pretty good.

    posted by AxlEm

    + It can play MP3s from the SD-card, that's a huge plus!
    + It remembers the song you where on when you turned it off, once you turn it on it will start from that song.
    + It got a "LED-flashlight-button" you can use if there's a power failure or something. :)
    + It's small, it can fit everywhere. I got mine in a plastic bag on the side of the bathtub. ;)
    + It's pretty easy to use once you get the hang of the buttons.
    Good, pretty cheap, small radio that can play MP3s from a SD-card. If that's what you need then buy it.
  • very very very nice

    posted by sengvue

    very nice mp3 player. comes with a box and makes a great gift.the quality of the glass is very good. it plays mp3 very LOUD. nice quality sound comming out of the speaker. speaker itself is very well built. the rose inside is very nice and good quality.
    very nice music player. RECOMMENDED FOR EVERY ONE.
    well i purposely bought this for myself but somehow i got involve in a secret santa so i'll have to give this one up and make it my secret santa gift. and it comes with a box also so it'll make a great gift. getting 2 more for myself.
  • best portable speaker

    posted by shafaau

    works with pen drive, SD card & line input with superb sound quality. Great item to buy.
    very good one. soon will but more speaker from this seller as there is high demand in my family for this one
    overall performance of this item is very good. specially the led is adorable for the kids :P.............
  • Good for audiobooks

    posted by dilin7

    1. It has a resume option. Even memorizes position within track if pause is pressed before switch off. This option is great for audiobooks.
    2. Can play low bitrate (24 kbps) MP3.
    3. Can work without battery, only with AC adapter. With descent adapter sound is clear.
    I've opened the case and remove multi-colour backlight LED. Front panel can be easy opened with help of knife. Then you should unscrew four screws fixing speaker.
    Nice price. Good for audiobooks.


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