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mp3 module black Customers Reviews

  • Perfect player

    posted by DXREL

    Clear sound, it has not any noise when you are playing and even when you mute or pause the music.FAST! Very fast to read the TF memory or the USB pendrive. Maybe takes just 5 seconds when is the first time you put it in... but when you turn off and then turn on again (even if you turn it on again the next day) and the TF memory is still inside, takes less than ONE second to play again the last song you had playing, is awesome!!You have 6 EQ presets, each one is very different.Is the first player that has this function: when is in FM mode, you press ie 8 8 9... wait one second, and automatically sets on 88.90 mhz... you dont have to seek the radio frecuency, you can write it with the remote!!
    This is not a con, but maybe you have to know it... is about the size of the battery on the remote, it says that is a large 2025, but instead of it, comes with a smaller one, and I dont know how much time the controller works with a tiny battery like that
    If you want to make your owwn mp3 speaker, this cheap player is for you, buy it! you wont regret it
  • Great product

    posted by Bigchel

    Very good price, excelent design, sound it´s very good. If you have an old boombox, old HI FI system , etc, with this device you can modernize and bring it to life. It come with the LM7805 regulator, so you can use some power supply between 18 and 7 Volts and works without problems.
    Easy to use,I installed it on an old HIFI system, and now I can listen to my entire collection of mp3. Incredible product. Buy it.
  • Great product!

    posted by Stexman

    Small but fully functional unit. Great gadget. I plan to implement this into amplifier. Good thing is that all connectors are properly labeled.Two weeks delivery time with free shipping!
    I just tried this product, and I have not spent much time with it, but I can already see that I will have a lot of fun with it.
    All in all i was very satisfied with this product and would recomend this seller to anyone.For this price you get a very nice and useful gadget.
  • Excellent device, excellent price.

    posted by jgyprime

    Very small device for it's capabilitiesIt can play without problems mp3 audio files from usb devices and sd cards (did not test mmc card because i don't have one). Input/output ports are labeled correctly (left, right, ground)Power port is labeled (power and ground).Working voltages: it started working on approximately 5 Volts, tested it up to 30 V (I let it play for 1 hour on 30 V supply) and no problems (no heating, no audio issues), thanks to 7805 power regulator.Even if it came without wires to connect it, I soldered the wires directly to the PCB (removed the plugs).Bluetooth playback is excellent, it played audio from a phone located ~5 meters away, without problemsRadio tuner works great but only if you solder a wire to the ant pin (any wire can act as an antenna)Line in is also without problemsRemote controller works great.
    It would have been nice if it rememberes the last used input device. For the moment it starts from usb / sd.I powered it off from radio / bluetooth and on the next power on it started from usb / sd.Also, it would have been nice if the device remembered the last state before power loss. Mine poweres on by itself when receiving power, even if it was off the last time it started.
    Very good device to use in car / home.A set of home speakers can be adapted to work with this device.Also you can connect this device to the aux-in port of the built-in audio system of your car if you don't want to change it or if the audio system controls other functions of the car (like the board computer)
  • Good mp3 player with remote

    posted by H3PO4

    +good quality of soldering on mine (which is not always guaranteed)+good sound (really low noise levels)+small footprint of the PCB, can be easily integrated almost anwhere+good description of connectors on PCB+wide input voltage tolerance
    you have to understand at least basic electronics to make this work, it is not exactly "plug and play" - you need to connect an amplifyer etc...- the user interface for navigation no your USB is sparse - but it did not matter for mine implementation
    If you would like to get good mp3 USB player with remote and know your wires and soldering, you cant really go wrong with this one.

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