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mp3 fm tf Customers Reviews

  • For the sporters

    posted by Mr.Decoy

    The lenses are nice and dark and it shades the sunlight better then I would have thought. the sound from the plugs is also of high quality. All the control overthe music is set in one place. press down to pause/play push it back or forward to switch between songs, hold it forward or backward to increase or decrease the volume.
    There is no internal memory so you have to have a tf or micro SD card for saving your music onto.
    A great item for cyclists or joggers and those that just want to impress others with the futuristic gadget.
  • Steering Wheel Mount Bluetooth Caller ID Handsfree

    posted by Hzzzz

    -Remembers the song what last played when turned off
    - Worked right away with my Nokia 6300
    -Looks okay, nice blue backlight
    -FM transmitter works okay, nice sound quality
    -Buit-in speaker sounds okay, loud enough
    Ordered red, got black/blue one, i'm happy with that.
    The earpiece is useless and it doesn't have USB host. If you can live with these problems, buy one.
  • Interesting little device

    posted by zerocoolx

    Looks like a USB drive.Solid plastic around the loop for hooking onto your keys.Can be used as a microSD adapter by it's nature.Doubles as a sound card when plugged in (although the left and right channels are flipped)! I'm not kidding! I think maybe this device is meant to be something more than just a clandestine MP3 player. I cracked it open but the microcontroller seems custom (of course there's no info after checking out the laser-etched part number).
    Acetone got rid of the annoying looking logo, but it also got rid of some of the rubber feel coating on the plastic. :-(Also, because it's not explained, I'll tell you how the buttons work:Play/Pause: - Press and Hold: Switches between FM radio and MP3 player. - Nomal Press: Play/Pause.Negative button: - Press and Hold: Volume down. - Nomal Press: Previous track/station.Positive button: - Press and Hold: Volume up. - Nomal Press: Next track/station.Finally, the manufacture date on the PCB said: "2012-12-24" so it's from the future! ;-)
    An interesting little gadget. It would be a cool little thing to just have on your keys if it was slightly better built.I would easily pay 5-10 bucks more if it had a metal USB connector, the sound quality was better, the sound card function was advertised (and the channels flipped to normal), and it came in black or something.
  • Wow.. that loud!!

    posted by eeuwe

    - Really loud sound, and even at its loudest the sound still has a good quality- includes cable that works as FM-antenna
    When turned on for the first time its set in Chinese.. I figured it out in less then a minute to set it in English (probably was lucky). For people that where not so lucky:Press menu, go to settings(4), go to lanquage(3) and select English(2)
    Great product, could use some work on the firmware.. Price is about right, really if you compare it to some similar products in store, then its not that expensive. Overall i'm really glad i bought this product!
  • My experience

    posted by lupi456

    The sound quality is very good, is very light, highly portable.
    Comes set up Chinese language, so you have to deal a little to change it to English or Spanish. In my case soon came one month I am from Mexico. Equalizer has is fabulous, the horn vibrates from the sound it emits.
    I was very satisfied with the product, already spoke a little but with a protective display fix it and I really like the sound.

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